The following information is designed to assist new businesses moving into existing buildings within Strathcona County as well as existing businesses that may be relocating or renovating.


Includes retail, personal and other commercial support services as well as commercial entertainment facilities and food establishments which serve the community.

Permitted use: A permitted use is a use for which a Development Officer may approve if it complies with the Land Use Bylaw.

Discretionary use: A discretionary use is a use for which a Development Officer has the discretion of approving or refusing the application.

When is a permit required?

A development permit is required to operate a business from a location within Strathcona County. Whether you are a new business starting up or whether you are moving to a new location within the County or from another municipality, you will need approval to operate. You are also required to obtain a building permit when there are alterations to the space or changes in use. Electrical, plumbing and gas permits are required depending on the scope of your project.

Application Forms

What do I need to submit?

  • Completed development and building permit application forms
  • Three copies of the site plan showing:
    • All structures and parking stalls on the property
    • Proposed location of the new tenant or alteration, including unit number and location of unit in relation to building
  • Three complete sets of floor plans which include:
    • proposed layout of tenant space, providing dimensions and labelling use of tenant space and rooms
    • public seating arrangement if applicable (e.g. restaurant, coffee shop)
  • A letter providing the following information:
    • A detailed description of the business including activities on-site, products and services offered etc.
    • Number of employees (total and on duty at any time)
    • Hours and days of operation name of business
  • Current copy of title
  • Fees, see current fee schedule
  • A completed fire safety plan - information on construction fire safety plans and protection requirements
  • For retail cannabis applications, please see the  application checklist (183.5 KB)  for retail, cannabis use - new tenant

Did you know?

  • All electrical, plumbing, and gas work, must be completed by an accredited professional (e.g. master electrician/gas fitter)
  • Landowner signature is required on the development permit application form.
  • Strathcona County does not require business licensing in addition to the development permit.
  • Please contact Planning and Development Services to verify the zoning of the property in order to ensure your proposed business is a listed permitted or discretionary use in the district. The Land Use Bylaw can be viewed on this website.
  • Permits may not be required for some changes in tenancy. Please check with Planning and Development Services for more information.
  • A separate development permit is required for the erection, display, alteration, relocation or replacement of a permanent sign.
  • It is important that new commercial and industrial buildings are built to a barrier-free standard. For more information, see the Alberta Safety Codes Council website to access the Barrier-Free Design Guide.
  • For a comprehensive outline of the licenses and permits that may be required for your business including provincial and federal requirements go to BizPal.

Printable brochure - New business and tenant improvement (461.8 KB)

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