Pools and hot tubs

Permits are required for private pools and hot tubs anytime the water is greater than 600 mm (2 ft.) in depth.

Above ground private swimming pools

A building permit  is required for above ground pools with a depth of 600 mm (2 ft.) or more. A site plan showing the location of the pool and fencing is required to be submitted with your application as well as the fees. Fencing is a requirement when the outside wall of the pool is less than 1.8 m (6 ft.) above ground. A development permit is not required for an above ground pool however, any decking higher than 2 ft. would require permit approval. See information on building an uncovered deck.

Inground private swimming pools

Both a development and building permit are required for in-ground pools. A site plan must be submitted showing the location of the pool and fencing in relation to the property lines as well as complete plans and specifications of the pool.

Hot tubs for private use

A building permit is required for a hot tub having a depth greater than 600 mm. A site plan showing the proposed location together with information on either fencing or the hot tub cover must be provided together with applicable fees. Fencing is not required when the hot tub has a lockable cover that can support the weight of an adult. An electrical permit is required for any wiring associated with the hot tub installation.

Fencing information

If fencing is required it must be a minimum height of 1.8 m (6 ft.) and must surround the entire area of the pool. There can be no horizontal or diagonal members on the outside of the fence that would facilitate climbing. Chain link fencing is not acceptable unless privacy slats are installed (or other acceptable means that will make the fence so that it cannot be scaled from the outside).

Other related permits

You may also be required to obtain an electrical and gas permit for your project.

Fees (see current schedule)

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