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Do you have a pool or hot tub? Here are some things you need to know when emptying the water.

Pool and hot tub water and their associated maintenance products contain chemicals that may seriously harm aquatic plants, fish, birds and animals when disposed of improperly. When pool and hot tub water is emptied into a storm drain, it ends up in our stormwater ponds, wetlands and eventually the North Saskatchewan River, which is our source of drinking water. 

Using the storm drain

Using the storm drain to dispose of untreated pool or hot tub water is not permitted.

Pool and hot tub water must be de-chlorinated (for chlorine and bromine) before it can be emptied into the storm drain. De-chlorination chemicals can be found through your local spa retailer or hardware store.

Using the basement drain

Chlorinated and saltwater pool and hot tub water may be emptied into the sewer line found in the basement drain of your home where it will be sent for treatment.

Maintenance chemicals

Please bring old pool, hot tub or spa chemicals to the Broadview Enviroservice Station for proper disposal.

We appreciate those pool and hot tub owners who are properly disposing of pool and hot tub water. Thank you for your efforts to protect our water. 

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