Here are some tips to make waste collection and cart maintenance easier.

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Tips for all year long

  • Line the bottom and sides of your organics cart with newspaper or soiled boxes, and layer wet organics with dry organics to prevent materials from sticking or freezing.
  • Wrap smelly or wet foods in newspaper, paper bags or soiled boxes to prevent odours.
  • Loosely pack your carts to prevent materials from being stuck.
  • Place your cart a metre away from all other objects.
  • On windy days, try to weigh down your carts and recycling bags to prevent them from blowing away. You could try placing heavy recycling bags onto lighter ones or leave them inside until next week.
  • If your cart is damaged, please call Utilities at 780-449-5514 to replace or repair your cart. Carts damaged by abuse may be subject to a replacement fee.
  • Wash dirty carts using biodegradable cleaners. Do not use bleach.

Winter tips

  • When there is snow on the ground, pull your organics cart instead of pushing it to prevent snow from building up under the cart. Snow buildup makes the cart difficult to move.
  • If you see a neighbour struggling with their carts give them a hand.

Christmas tips

What Christmas waste goes where

Blue bag (recyclables): All non-shiny wrapping paper, gift bags and cardboard goes into clear blue bags. Cardboard must be cut down or folded to 30cm x 90cm. Cardboard larger than this can be taken to the Broadview Enviroservice Station.

Black cart (waste): Foil or shiny wrapping paper and non-reusable bows and ribbons go into your black waste cart.

Extra waste: The lid of your cart must close completely or else it will not be collected. Extra bags of organics or waste left beside the cart will not be collected.

Christmas tree pickup

In early January residents who receive collection services from Strathcona County can put their Christmas trees out for collection. Tree pickup is for natural trees only. Remember to:

  • Cut your tree into four-foot sections
  • Remove all tinsel, decorations and lights
  • Remove any plastic bags used to transport the tree
  • Have your tree out for collection by 7:30 a.m. on your collection day

Fall tips

  • Clean out your fridge or freezer the day before collection day to prevent odours.
  • Large amounts of grass clippings and leaves can become stuck in the cart, especially when damp. Use a broom or shovel handle to loosen clumps.
  • If you have large amounts of yard waste that does not fit into your organics cart, wait until extra yard waste collection week.
  • Even if your cart is not full, put it out for collection on your regular collection day.

Spring and summer tips

  • Large amounts of grass clippings and leaves can become stuck in the cart, especially if damp. Use a broom or shovel handle to loosen clumps. Try grasscycling to give your lawn extra nutrients and cut down on waste.
  • To prevent pests, try spreading detergent or vinegar around the lip of the cart.
  • If you are going on holidays, ask a friend or neighbour to put out your carts and recycling. Regular collection still occurs on statutory holidays.
  • Store carts in covered or shaded areas to prevent odours.

Weekly organics collection

From mid-May to mid-October, organics will be collected every week for residents of Sherwood Park and the rural hamlets who subscribe to waste collection services with Strathcona County. See a map of the designated areas.

There is no change for residents on acreages and farms; organics is still collected every second week during summer.

Cart placement during street maintenance or snow removal

During street sweeping, snow removal or maintenance, place carts at the end of your driveway. Carts cannot be on the road, sidewalk or in the gutter during street sweeping or snow removal. Recyclables must still be at least one metre away from the cart and other objects.

On days without maintenance, carts go in the gutter between the curb and the road.

Image of a waste cart placed between the sidewalk and curb at the end of the driveway.
If you have a sidewalk with a boulevard
Image of a waste cart placed at the end of the driveway with no boulevard, before the sidewalk.
If you have a sidewalk with no boulevard
Image of a waste cart placed at the end of a driveway with no sidewalk, right against the road.
If you do not have a sidewalk

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