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Our history and heritage

A welcoming home since the time of the earliest First Peoples, Strathcona County has grown into a popular municipality of close to 100,000. Evolved from remote hinterland … to a rural farming community … to a vibrant, progressive and bustling locale, Strathcona County is one of the province's few specialized municipalities. It’s a place with ample reason to recognize and celebrate its history and heritage, even as it seizes the opportunities the future affords. 

Learn more about Strathcona County and its history in this video series, titled:

The past where we live

A specialized municipality – explores Strathcona County’s municipal history

A rich and plentiful country – depicts resources that have drawn people to Strathcona County.

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These two short videos are an introduction to many more accounts of history in this section of Strathcona County’s website.

Be inspired. 

Explore and discover the unique history and heritage of Strathcona County. Here's a breakdown of the history section:

It's important that we preserve our local history and heritage for many reasons. Perhaps the most important is that a shared sense of our past leads us into the future together.

Vision for the Community Heritage Legacy Framework: Strathcona County fosters a strong community where residents are inspired and share a sense of belonging, identity and place from their appreciation of the County's unique history and heritage.


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