Community Connection and Community Change Grants

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2020 Grants are now closed

Community Change and Community Connection grants have now closed.

Community Connection Grants

Thank you to all who applied for the 2020 COVID-19 Community Connection Grants.

The application process for 2020 has closed.

Community Connection grants have been available since 2016. Aligning with the Social Framework outcome of Connectedness and Inclusion, the grants are designed to encourage residents to engage in local activities that promote social opportunities and community connections.

The majority of Community Connection Grant funding between 2016 and 2019 was to support neighbourhood gatherings.


Grants Awarded

Estimated Participants

Dollars Allocated

Average  Grant Amount

2020 100 Not yet available* $20,700 $200
2019 121 10,190 $51,175 $425
2018 104 6,066 $51,270 $500
2017 57 7,599 $50,000 $805
2016 30 3,024 $37,115 $1,500

* Estimates available once reporting is completed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social connection is greater than ever and requires creativity and innovation to occur within Alberta Health Services restrictions and guidelines

Check out some of the great things Strathcona County residents are doing to stay connected and support each other during the pandemic.  SCSocialAction

Given the changing restrictions around gatherings, please contact the FCS grants team at 780-464-8455 to explore an extension if you currently hold an unspent COVID-19 Community Connection Grant.

Check out the interactive map below, demonstrating grant distribution by community from 2016 - 2020. Hover your cursor over a community to see the number of grants per year. If your community shows no grants received to date, consider applying for a 2021 Community Connection Grant in the spring to support innovative ideas that promote community connection. If you have any questions about this map or Community Connection grants, please contact Family and Community Services. 

Community Change Grants

For the second year, Strathcona County residents were tasked to consider innovative, non-traditional ideas that focused on emerging opportunities in the community.

These grants included innovative adaptations to support the community during the pandemic, while continuing to stimulate resident-led connection, resiliency and well-being initiatives.

This year Strathcona County is awarding a total of 17 Community Change Grants, of up to $2,000, to residents and organizations proposing new opportunities for connection in the community. Funding totaled approximately $28,000 to projects, including:

  • Wellness and team building activities as relief for caregivers in non-profit, social sector organizations
  • A scavenger hunt around Strathcona County, including rural and urban neighbourhoods
  • A virtual educational speaker series, led by seniors for seniors
  • A collection of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour books for a school library
  • An outdoor stone circle to host and connect with Indigenous teachings
  • Free, non-medical masks to Strathcona County residents experiencing financial difficulties

All approved community grant activities are required to adhere to provincial COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions.

Residents knowledge and passion is the foundation of positive community change. Strathcona County residents continue to make this a community that is supported, safe and connected. 

Community connection grant map

The location of the grant is linked to the location of the event or applicant
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