2024 Social Framework Community Grants awarded

To support non-profit organizations in meeting social service needs in Strathcona County, Council has approved 16 grant applications through the 2024 Social Framework Community Grant program.  Learn more and see the full list of grant recipients.

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Social Framework Community Grants 

The Social Framework Community Grants program provides financial support to social sector not-for-profit groups and organizations that are meeting the social needs of Strathcona County residents.

Funding priority is assessed on alignment with the Social Framework Community grant policy (150.9 KB) and grant guidelines (316.4 KB) while ensuring the initiatives best serves the community needs and priorities. Successful recipients demonstrate collaboration and use of the principles of the Strathcona County Social Framework

Core funding support the social not-for-profit sector to provide prevention and early intervention supports in Strathcona County.  

Collaboration funding mobilize cross-sector partnerships and collective resources to address community-wide social issues.   

Family and Community Services administers the grants program. Email socialframeworkgrants@strathcona.ca with questions. 

Prior grant allocations 

Historical allocations for Social Framework Community Grants (87.5 KB)

Contact us

Family and Community Services
Second floor, East Wing Community Centre
401 Festival Lane
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5P7
Phone: 780-464-4044
Fax: 780-449-1220
Email: familyandcommunity@strathcona.ca

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