Strathcona County residents Tammy and Jessica smiling together in a selfie style photo taken outside.

Community grant fosters connection, safety and well-being in Glen Allan

Where would you go for help if your house caught fire? If your pet accidentally got out? If you couldn’t shovel your driveway? Motivated by discussions with first responders and real-life neighbourhood experiences, Glen Allan residents Tammy Greidanus and Jessica Mullen put together an innovative application for Strathcona County’s Community Grants program. 

Originally approved in 2021, their grant application, Connected & Prepared Communities aimed to build a network of neighbours, database of neighbourhood skills and tools, and a check-in plan for residents who may need a little extra support. In addition to building connections, the Connected & Prepared Communities project included the creation and distribution of emergency preparedness kits with support from the Gilmore Park Community League, Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program, Strathcona County Emergency Services and Aspire Dental.

Reflecting on the process, Jessica said, “it was exciting when we found out we got the grant. It was nice to know that our ideas resonated with the goals and objectives of the program. Then the work began, figuring it all out!”

While implementing their project, Jessica and Tammy noted that community building takes time. At their first block social, they had about 18 people participate. Some people were hesitant but eventually connections were made, one neighbour even ran back to grab his banjo and play it for the group.

“By connecting in a meaningful way where we live, we have developed not only connections among neighbours but also more resilient streets. A senior found help with snow shovelling and grass cutting. Two other neighbours formed a mutually beneficial relationship to look after each other’s houses while away,” shared Tammy.

When asked what advice they would give to anyone considering applying for a grant, Tammy and Jessica replied, “if you’ve never applied before and you’re feeling nervous, be sure to read through all the information and contact the grants liaison who can help you understand how your idea might fit into the grant guidelines. Once you receive the grant, try to stay flexible and get your community involved.”

Fostering safe, supported and connected communities is at the heart of Strathcona County’s Community Grants program. Applications are now open for the 2023 grants, the deadline to apply is Monday, May 1, 2023. You can learn more about the Community Grants and apply at or call 780-464-4044.


Last updated: Monday, June 05, 2023
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