Are you planning a complex project?

Before you submit an application, let's get together to discuss your project and review applicable requirements.

For any new complex urban or rural project, we would like to meet with you to discuss project details prior to submission of a development permit application. This applies to a wide variety of project types such as multi-unit residential, institutional, industrial, commercial or recreational. You can request a pre-application meeting by submitting the Pre-Application Meeting Request form and the required documentation to for review.

Pre-Application Meeting Request (327.8 KB)

What to submit with your development permit application:

  • Completed development permit application with both applicant and landowner signature
  • Three (3) copies of a detailed site plan, to scale, (A2 - 420 mm x 594 mm preferred) which include the following details:
    • Legal land description, municipal address and north arrow
    • Adjacent streets (including curbs, boulevards etc.)
    • Dimensions of proposed buildings
    • Property lines and setbacks to property lines (front, rear and side yard dimensions).
    • Location of any rights-of-way and easements
    • Parking areas (including dimensions of space and aisles)
    • Proposed accesses to the site (including dimensions of width, radius and distance from intersection or other accesses)
    • Proposed landscaping areas (preliminary)
    • Proposed outdoor storage areas & fences
    • North arrow
  • Three (3) complete sets of building plans to scale (A2 size) which include:
    • Dimensions of proposed building
    • Structural cross section
    • Floor plans of each floor including area (sq. ft. or sq. m)
    • Elevation plans of each side of the proposed building
  • One (1) complete set of plans (site plan and building plans) reduced to 11" x 17" size (to scale) along with one (1) digital submission of the same via email to
  • Three (3) copies of a preliminary site grading and utility servicing plan (note: detailed design may not be required until after decision on development permit application)
  • Preliminary grade elevations including front and rear grade, building floor, bottom of footing, lot corners
  • Detailed letter of intent including:
    • Detailed description of proposed development and use
    • Description of products and services
    • Anticipated on-site operations (indoors and outdoors)
    • On-site storage
    • Transportation details including size of vehicles / expected frequency of trips
    • Number of employees
    • Hours of operation
  • Fees, see current fee schedule.

Other information may also be required to supplement an application as determined necessary by a Development Officer. Such information may include studies of projected traffic volumes, utilities, landscaping, urban design, parking, social and economic effects, environmental impact assessment, soil, floor plan and sun and wind impact studies.

Provincial requirements for development permits

Directive 079 states that an application for a development permit for a new building that will be larger than 47 sq. meters (506 sq. ft), or an addition to or an alteration of an existing building that will result in the building being larger than 47 sq. meters (506 sq. ft) must identify the location or confirm the absence of any abandoned wells using the GeoDiscover Map or ERCB Map.

Map of abandoned wells.

Once it is determined that no abandoned wells are located on the property, applicants can submit the Declaration of Absence of Abandoned Wells on property form (645.9 KB) with their development application.

The Alberta Government’s Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) passed this directive in November 2012.

If you have questions on these new requirements or on the Map Viewers, please contact the ERCB’s Customer Contact Centre at 1-855-297-8311.

What to submit with your building permit application:

  • Completed building permit application
  • Two (2) copies of a detailed site plan (details as above)
  • Two (2) complete sets of A2 size construction drawings to scale which include:
    • Dimensions of proposed building
    • Structural cross section
    • Structural, electrical and mechanical drawings sealed by a professional
    • Floor plans of each floor including sq. ft. or sq.m
    • Foundation plan
    • Elevation plans of each side of the proposed building
  • Completed schedules as per the National Building Code, 2019 Alberta Edition
  • Geotechnical report stamped by a geotechnical engineer
  • Floor/truss supplier letter and layouts if applicable
  • Completed construction site fire safety plan
  • Fees, see current fee schedule

It is important that new commercial and industrial buildings are built to a barrier-free standard. For more information, see the Safety Codes Council Barrier Free Design Guide.

For projects requiring water meter installations for construction water, please complete the  Construction or Commercial Water Meter Sizing Request (123.1 KB)  and fax it to Utilities at 780-464-0557.

Please contact Transportation, Engineering and Operations at 780-417-7100 for permitting or road use requirements when your project involves hauling on County roads.

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