Image of a storm drain on a road, an illustrated family cleaning a drain and a stormwater pond.

Become a water champion in your neighbourhood and adopt a storm drain near you! Residential neighbourhoods are prone to blocked storm drains due to leaves, gravel, litter and other materials. If this debris is not removed before spring melt or heavy rainfall the flow of water can be restricted and cause flooding. Also, as the water flows into the storm drain it takes this debris along with it, making its way to the local stormwater pond and eventually the North Saskatchewan River. Adopting a storm drain is a great way to protect your local stormwater ecosystem and keep your neighbourhood clean and free of debris.

How to adopt a storm drain:

  1. Watch the Adopt a Storm Drain Safety Video below and read the guidelines and safety tips.
  2. Find a storm drain to adopt on the interactive map.
  3. Choose your desired storm drain.
    • Provide name and email contact
    • Give your storm drain a name
    • Choose desired adoption time (1,2 or 3 years) – after this time, the storm drain will become available on the interactive map for others to adopt
  4. Adopt your storm drain!

How do I care for my storm drain?

Caring for your storm drain is quite simple! The best time to check on your storm drain is before and after a heavy rainfall, before the snow melts and in the fall when the trees lose their leaves. Check to make sure that your storm drain is clean and free of debris.

If the storm drain is blocked, use a rake, broom and dustpan or shovel to push the leaves and other debris away from the storm drain grate. Try your best to keep the debris from falling down the storm drain. Once your storm drain is cleaned, the water can flow freely to the stormwater pond.

If you cannot clean the storm drain because it is unsafe, already flooded, frozen, or for any other reason please call Strathcona County Utilities at 780-467-7785. Your safety is very important to us! Please remember to follow the safety guidelines outlined in the video above.

Questions about adopting a storm drain

Guidelines and Safety Tips

  1. Only those storm drains that are a safe distance from busy roads are available for adoption. Any storm drains not appearing in the map cannot be safely adopted.
  2. Use caution and be aware of traffic in the area when cleaning a storm drain.
  3. Do not attempt to remove the grate from the storm drain. If you cannot clean the storm drain yourself for any reason, contact Strathcona County Utilities at 780-467-7785.
  4. The best time to monitor and clean a storm drain is before heavy rain or snow, and in the fall when the trees lose their leaves.
  5. To clean a storm drain you will need gloves, a broom and dustpan, and maybe a shovel or rake. Stand on the curb and use your tools to remove debris away from the storm drain. Place the organic matter in your green organics cart and any garbage materials in your black cart for proper disposal.  
  6. Storm drain(s) will be adopted for the period of time selected during sign up (1, 2 or 3 years). After this time the storm drain will become available for others to adopt.
  7. You can change or cancel your adoption at any time.
  8. If you have any questions about the program, please contact or 780-467-7785.

Adopt a storm drain interactive map

Phone: 780-467-7785

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