Waste Reduction Week

Waste Reduction week was October 17 to 23, 2016.Please continue to do your part to reduce the amount of waste you contribute to landfills. 

Past Waste Reduction Week events

Recycle old car seats at Broadview Enviroservice Station

To celebrate Waste Reduction Week, Strathcona County residents dropped off kid seats from October 17 to 23 at Broadview Enviroservice Station during operating hours.

Bucket car seat
Kidseat Recyclers, based in Calgary, dismantled all of the seats and reuse or recycle any parts of the seat possible, including metal, plastics, and any other usable part.



Car seat recycling will now be offered as a service at Broadview Enviroservice Station

Due to the success of the Waste Reduction Week campaign, car seat and kid seat recycling will now be offered year-round as a recycling service at the Broadview Enviroservice Station building. Previously, any car seats brought to the station would have been sent to the landfill, but now they wil be recycled. Car seats can be dropped off inside the building during regular operating hours. 

A $3 recycling fee will apply.

Remove all fabric from the seat and dispose of it into your black cart prior to dropping the seat off. 

Shoe drive challenge

Recycle your shoes
In celebration of Waste Reduction Week, Strathcona County partnered with Progressive Waste Solutions, to host a shoe drive for schools within Strathcona County!

Reduce your waste-line with these tips:

  • Watch your portion size - purchase products that have minimal packaging and reuse whatever possible.
  • Take your vitamins - in the spring and summer put your vegetable scraps in a backyard composter. The compost provides valuable nutrients for gardens.
  • Reduce fibre intake - recycle your cardboard, newspaper and other paper products. If you receive waste collection from Strathcona County, put it out every week for collection at your house. You can also bring paper products to your nearest recycle station.
  • Eliminate empty calories - plastics do not break down in a landfill. Recycle your plastic products at a recycle station or if you receive waste collection from Strathcona County, put plastics out in a clear blue bag for collection at your house.
  • Exercise your give and take - donate lightly used goods to charity, or trade them with neighbours.
  • Celebrate success! Don't forget to share your actions on social media #WasteReductionWeek

Reusing saves energy, money and landfill space!

For more tips on reducing your waste, visit www.wrwcanada.com


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