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HodgePodge Lodge closed

The HodgePodge Lodge is now closed for winter. It will reopen in the spring.

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Are you crafty or love to upcycle or tinker? Maybe you have some items around the house that still have some life in them but they aren't suitable for recycling or charity.

The HodgePodge Lodge is for you!

To decrease the amount of materials going to the landfill and empower residents to live an environmentally conscientious, creative and community minded lifestyle, we are collecting a mishmash of items that could be reused or repurposed. These items are not easily recycled through traditional methods of collection, and aren't accepted for reuse elsewhere.

To make the HodgePodge Lodge a success, we need your cooperation. Please don't dump garbage or leave broken items. Abuse or misuse will result in closure, and that would make us sad. 

  • Do not leave items outside the lodge
  • No blinds or window coverings
  • No ceiling fans
  • No mirrors or large glass pieces
  • No broken items that no longer work
  • Please put a note on the item if it plugs in that it is still working
  • No baby items like strollers, high chairs, car seats, play pens


Broadview Enviroservice Station


  • Closed until spring

Hodgepodge Lodge items

  • Thank you for donating! If you are unsure whether an item can be donated check out the Waste Wizard for proper disposal options

    Some examples of items you can leave:

    • Baskets
    • Beads
    • Beer bottle caps
    • Bows, Ribbon
    • Bread bag tags 
    • Corks
    • Crayons, pencil crayons
    • Décor samples (tiles, paint swatches, wallpaper rolls, etc.)
    • Decorative paper
    • Fabric flowers, wreaths
    • Feathers
    • Frozen juice lids
    • Glass jars
    • Greeting cards
    • Keys 
    • Milk jug tops
    • Office supplies
    • Oil/glycol (unopened)
    • Old books, magazines postcards
    • Old maps
    • Paint (unopened)
    • Paper rolls, poster tubes
    • Party decorations
    • Pine cones
    • Plant pots
    • Playing cards
    • Prescription bottles (label removed)
    • Pull tabs from beer or pop cans
    • Puzzle pieces
    • Scrap fabric
    • Scrapbooking supplies
    • Shells, decorative rocks
    • Shoeboxes, gift boxes
    • Small hardware
    • Stickers
    • Tins 
      • cookie/chocolate decorative 
      • coffee, cylinder with lids
    • Wrapping materials
      • gift bags
      • tissue paper
      • wrapping paper/foil
    • Yarns
    • Yogurt containers, strawberry baskets


    • Records
    • CDs/DVDs (including cases) – blank or non personal materials
    • Cassette tapes, DVD tapes (commercially recorded)
    • Cables
    • Memory sticks (blank)

    Old tools (not powered/electronic)

    • wrenches
    • hammers
    • nails
    • screws
  • Get ready to repurpose and craft your heart out! We ask that you:

    • please be respectful and leave some items for others
    • take a look at the leaving items drop down to see some of the items that may be at the Lodge.
    • share your creations with us! Submit a photo of your craft/project and it could be featured on the our website and in the Lodge. Email greenroutine@strathcona.ca 
  • We work with partner organizations to collect charitable or hard to recycle items. We collect:

    • pop can tabs
    • Campbell soup labels
    • shoes
    • old reading/sun glasses
    • writing instruments
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Do you have a passion for upcycling? Organizing? Meeting new people? Consider volunteering at the HodgePodge Lodge.

If you are interesting in becoming a volunteer lodge director please contact:

Erin Wildeboer


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