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Strathcona County is committed to providing safe, clean and reliable water to residents. Water in Strathcona County meets or exceeds the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality as set out by Health Canada.

EPCOR water quality reports are also available.

Health Canada recently announced a new guideline for lead in drinking water.

Water quality frequent questions

Flushing and maintenance

Strathcona County conducts regular flushing and maintenance of water lines. This removes sediment and increases water quality.


Utilities staff clean the water mains through a process called flushing.

Flushing is a process where water is pushed through the pipes at a high speed to remove any build up that may be in the lines. The water is then released through fire hydrants. The materials being flushed are harmless and require no further treatment.

Strathcona County uses a method called unidirectional flushing which uses 40% less water than traditional flushing.

Most customers will not notice any changes in their water during flushing. Some homes may experience a brief drop in water pressure and/or cloudy cold water. This does not pose a health risk but if it does not clear up or pressure does not return to normal call 780-467-7785.

Rural flushing

Strathcona County started a rural flushing program in 2018. The process is similar to the flushing method in urban areas.


Phone: 780-467-7785

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