Utility Billing

Utility billing services

Strathcona County in-person services for Utilities are closed to the public. Phone and email support continue to be available strathcona.ca/covid19

For assistance:
Water and wastewater: 780-467-7785
Waste: 780-449-5514
Utility billing: 780-464-8273

Utility bill repayment program for financial hardship

Strathcona County recognizes these are difficult times. Utilities customers with outstanding balances past 90 days should ensure they are signed up for a repayment plan, to ensure no late fees are charged or services discontinued. The plan allows customers to pay off bills in 12 monthly instalments beginning November 2, 2020.

Customers who do not sign up for a repayment plan will be subject to penalties on their outstanding account balance beginning November 2, 2020.

Sign up for a repayment plan

Repayment options are available to those who receive utility bills directly from Strathcona County, who have an outstanding balance past 90 days.

If you have not yet made repayment arrangements; or if you wish to adjust repayment plans from six months to one year, contact Utilities at 780-464-8273 or email customerbilling@strathcona.ca.

The repayment plan allows customers to pay off bills in 12 monthly instalments beginning in November 2020.

Deferral program has ended

Customers were able to request deferrals of March to June 2020 bills, due to COVID-19 challenges. The program allowed customers to defer paying utility bills without being charged late fees or having services discontinued, as long as they began to pay the bills off in six monthly instalments beginning in July 2020.

Your accounts

Access Your Accounts Online  to view:

  • utility bills
  • account status, balance, last payment
  • amount past due
  • status of budget billing plan
  • status of pre-authorized payment plan 

Setting up utility accounts

Utility bill payment options


If you are a Strathcona County utility customer, you can receive your bill by email instead of through the postal service.

  • Your bill will be emailed in PDF format to the email address you provided when you registered.
  • Payment due dates do not change. Penalties still apply if payment is late.
  • An eBill is a new way of delivering utility bills, not a new method of payment. You continue to use the payment method of your choice.

Equalized payment plan

Know in advance how much your monthly bill will be.

  • Payments average your utility costs over a 12-month period so that you pay an equal amount each month.
  • Budget amounts are set October of each year.

Please call our office at 780-464-8273 for more information.

Utility rates

See the current utility rates in Strathcona County.


Call 780-464-8273 at least five business days before your moving date.

  • If you are moving from a rural residence, call 780-449-5514 to update or cancel your waste collection subscription.
  • If you pay your bills online, through your bank:

Check your utility bill for the new account number and remember to update it before you make the next payment.

Collection of personal information

Personal information is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be used for billing and customer service purposes, and in the management and administration of Strathcona County utilities and infrastructure planning, and may be shared as required by law. If you have any questions regarding the collection, use of disclosure of this information, please contact Supervisor, Customer Billing, at 780-464-8273.

Further information

Waste collection, recycling: 780-449-5514
Water, wastewater: 780-467-7785
Utility billing: 780-464-8273
Email: scutilities@strathcona.ca

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