A building permit is required for all factory built (metal) fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves, ranges and space heaters. For a solid fuel appliance (ie. wood burning) a building permit is required and for a gas fuelled appliance a gas permit is required.

To apply for a building/gas permit, submit the following:

Please note: a completed building permit application must include a floor plan.

Did you know

In order to ensure a minimum fire safety standard, all factory built fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances are required to carry an approved certification label which specifies that the entire assembly, including the firebox, chimney parts, and glass doors have been tested as a package in accordance with a minimum standard.

Combustion air is required for all fuel-fired appliances (including fireplaces). If there is no specific method or facility provided for replacement air, a situation could be created which would reverse the furnace chimney flow and discharge poisonous fumes into the dwelling.

An electrical permit is required if the appliance is equipped with an electrical connection.

A homeowner is eligible to apply for the necessary permits provided that they are the owner, reside on the premises and are doing the work themselves. The homeowner assumes responsibility for compliance with the applicable act and regulations. In some cases an additional homeowner fee will be charged see current fee schedule.

Coal burning furnaces or stoves
Anyone intending to install a coal burning appliance should be aware that Strathcona County is currently considering restricting the burning of coal in furnaces and stoves within the urban areas.

Alberta Environment states "coal emissions can be classed as a nuisance under Alberta's Public Health Act. This legislation allows for investigations into nuisances where they are-or could be-harmful to health. A legal order can be issued to prevent a nuisance."

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