Waste collection in multi-family complexes may differ between complexes. Some complexes use cart collection, some have communal collection areas, and some are operated by private collection companies.

Complexes that receive cart collection:

Find your collection day using our collection schedule and maps, and learn how to care for your carts.

When you place your waste out please ensure that:

  • there is a one metre clearance on both sides of the cart from any recycling bags, fences, mailboxes or any other objects
  • there are no vehicles parked on the street of your complex as the waste truck will need space to access the carts

Complexes that have communal collection areas:

These complexes will have a Wednesday collection day and will not receive roll-out carts. Waste and recycling will need to be separated. Most complexes with a communal shed should also have an organics cart.

All other multi-family complexes within Sherwood Park have commercial dumpster service. Your service schedule and routine will not change.

Waste and organics bins outside a multi-family building.

Complexes that receive private collection:

According to the  Waste Management Bylaw 39-2014 (314.7 KB)

  • All multi-family buildings and complexes in operation prior to March 2015 will need to have paper or cardboard recycling opportunities available to residents in addition to waste services. Any building receiving a building permit after march 2015 must have waste, commingled recycling and organic waste diversion opportunities available to all residents in the building or complex.
  • Multi-family complexes with private collection need to complete a Waste Diversion Compliance Plan (307.1 KB) and any commercial hauling companies operating in Strathcona County will need to complete a waste diversion compliance plan annually. This will help increase communication and help educate residents on waste and recycling processes.
  • If you would like your building to have an organic waste diversion program please contact the Waste Diversion Program Liaison at 780-416-6784.

Organics carts available at the
Broadview Enviroservice Station

Image of green organics carts against a chainlink fence.
Green carts at the Broadview Enviroservice station

If you do not have access to on site organic waste diversion at your building you can contact the Waste Diversion Program Liaison at 780-416-6784 to receive your free kitchen catcher. Carts are available to empty your food waste into at the Broadview Enviroservice Station free of charge. Download the Green Routine app or click here for more information about the green carts.  

If you would like to learn more about recycling opportunities or about including organics diversion in your building, please contact:

Waste Diversion Program Liaison
Erin Wildeboer
Phone: 780-416-6784
Email: Erin.wildeboer@strathcona.ca

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