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Strathcona County Tobogganing

This family friendly activity is best enjoyed in the winter months. When winter shows up, check out these great hills to take a ride down. Have fun, keep warm and stay safe! 

Enjoy safe sledding  

  • Cottonwood Park
  • Cottonwood Avenue south of Pine Street
  • Estates of Sherwood Park
    North of Estates Drive
  • Florian Park
    Regency Drive
  • Greengrove Park
    199 Georgian Way north of Glen Allan Recreation Complex
  • McGhan Park
    Meadowview Drive
  • Strathcona Athletic Park
    1100 Clover Bar Road (access off Clover Bar Road)

Toboggan Hills near ponds

  • Broadmoor Lake Park
    2025 Oak Street north of Recreation, Parks and Culture office
  • Clarkdale Lake
    Clarkdale Drive west of Orchid Crescent 
  • Woodbridge Lake Park
    Woodbridge Way north of Parker Drive (south of Woodbridge Lake)

Sledding Safety Tips

  • Sled on designated hills
  • Stay away from roads, rivers, railways and parking lots
  • Wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injury
  • Prevent strangulation by wearing neck warmers instead of scarves and avoiding outer clothing with drawstrings
  • Only sled in the daylight or on well lit hills
  • Go down the hill sitting up or kneeling on the sled. Never slide down headfirst or standing up
  • Be sure your path is clear of obstacles and people all the way down the hill.
  • Stay in control of your sled. Avoid inner tubes and snow discs that are difficult to control
  • If you fall off or stop unexpectedly, quickly move out of the way of other sledders.
  • Walk back up the side of the hill, away from other sledders

If there is an emergency - call 911.

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