Programs offered

Strathcona County offers programs for children on their preschool journey. Our indoor and outdoor spaces encourage children to interact with others while they explore, play and learn. Children take an active role in their learning with the support of our instructors.

Choose from:

  • Parented programs where children learn new skills with a loved one nearby
  • Unparented programs where children get used to being away from home, or
  • Pre-kindergarten programs where children prepare for school.

Registered programs and drop-in times run at different recreation facilities in Strathcona County throughout the year.

Preschool programs

Know before you go

There are a few things you may want to know before taking part in Strathcona County preschool programs.

Know before you go: preschool guidelines and procedures

  • The instructor will greet you and your child and guide you through the drop-off process. A parent or guardian is required to sign-in and sign-out their child each day.

  • Children must be fully toilet trained before starting unparented programs. For extra reassurance, little ones may wear a pull-up during program time. If an accident occurs, parents will be contacted to attend to any changing needs.

    What to bring to class:

    Ensure that all items outlined below are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

    • A backpack with indoor shoes and extra clothes.
    • A water bottle.
    • A small, nut free snack for half-day programs (3 hours).
    • A small, nut free snack and lunch for full-day camps (6 hours).
    • Please leave items like toys and blankets at home.

    Prepare for outdoor play:

    • Recommended winter wear:
      • Wear layers to allow for regulation of body temperature.
      • Choose a hat that covers the whole head, including the ears.
      • Appropriate footwear such as running shoes, rain boots, or winter boots.
      • Wear pants that are warm and waterproof. Snow pants are recommended for colder months and rain pants are recommended for rainy days.
      • Mittens are better than gloves for keeping hands warm, as fingers generate more heat when they are not separated.
    • Recommended summer wear:
      • Dress your child in layers to allow for regulation of body temperature. 
      • Open-toe shoes such as sandals are not recommended. 
      • Apply sunscreen and bug spray prior to drop-off. 
      • Bring a hat for additional sun protection.  

About preschool programs

  • Our preschool programs reflect the importance of play in a child’s healthy development. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully designed learning environments, and enriched activities, our inquiry-based recreation programs offer children opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge in a fun and safe environment.

  • We use an inquiry-based approach to program planning. Activities are developmentally appropriate and based on the interests of the children. This provides engaging learning opportunities for the children in our programs, as they are encouraged to explore topics that are important to them.

  • Drop-in times and registered programs are available for multiple ages, including parented, unparented, and pre-kindergarten options. Parented and unparented programs run between 4 to 11 weeks and pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) programs run for up to 11 weeks during the fall, winter, and spring sessions. We use an inquiry-based approach to program planning. Activities are developmentally appropriate and based on the interests of the children.

  • Preschool programs run out of Strathcona County recreation facilities including Ardrossan Recreation Complex, Strathcona Olympiette Centre, Kinsmen Leisure Centre, and Millennium Place. Our programs have access to facility amenities such as the Preschool Playground, Edu-tainment Centre, Love to Play Room, mini-gyms, and unique outdoor play spaces. Preschool rooms are equipped with numerous learning centres including art, blocks, dramatic play, sand and water, nature and science, math and manipulatives, and literacy which are vital to the hands-on experiences provided in each program.

    For facility locations see the Strathcona County recreation facilities map.

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