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Strathcona County’s new program registration system, Recreation Online, will replace Click-it on Wednesday, February 19. Access to Click-it will be turned off on Friday, January 31.

If you had an active Click-it account (registered for a program after September 2018) your new Recreation Online account will be set up using the email address from your Click-it account. If you did not have an active Click-it account, you will need to create a new account in Recreation Online once it is live.


On February 1, we will begin installing the new software, Recreation Online, at all Strathcona County recreation facilities. Please note the following program registration service modifications during this time:

February 7 to 18


February 19

  • Recreation Online, our new program registration system replacing Click-it, will officially launch.
  • Online program registration will be available.
  • You can update your account or setup a new one.


  • Whether it’s your child’s first time in a preschool program or it’s time to start getting ready for kindergarten, your child is sure to have a fun-filled and educational experience in our preschool program. Programs take place both indoors and outdoors, and are filled with investigation and exploration. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully-designed learning environments and enriched activities, instructors will help ensure your child’s learning experience is fulfilling and enjoyable.

    Our Philosophy - Our preschool programs reflect the understanding of the importance of play in a child’s healthy development. Through intentional teaching, our play-based recreation programs offer children opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge in a fun and safe environment.

  • We use an intentional-learning approach to planning our programs. Otherwise known as an emergent curriculum, learning plans are based on the children's interests. These interests are extended through the interactions and activities planned by the instructors. Engaging in children's interests provides opportunities to focus on 'topics' which are important to the children.

  • We offer several different types of programs for multiple ages. Drop-in programs, parented or un-parented, run from September to June. Registered programs, parented and unparented or kindergarten readiness, run for 8 to 11 weeks during fall, winter and spring sessions. Registration for kindergarten readiness is available for 11 weeks or all 33 weeks September through June. We also offer week-long summer camps, half and full day options available for children ages 3 to 9 years old.
    To find the full schedule and details of all of our preschool and pre-k programs, check out the latest version of the Recreation Guide.

    Drop-in Programs

    Preschool Playtime - Drop-in - 6 months to 6 years old (Kinsmen Leisure Centre) or 6 months to 8 years old (Ardrossan) – Drop in and play with your little one in our fantastic play spaces. Climb aboard our pirate ship and build a blue block house in the Preschool Playground at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre, or try the amazing airways and shop at the market in the Love to Play room at the Ardrossan Recreation Complex.  Both spaces are located on the second floor of each facility.

    Preschool Playtime - Drop-off - 2 to 6 years old – is offered in the Arts and Crafts/Mini Gym room at the Sherwood Park Arena.  Run errands, workout, or just have some ‘me’ time while your child enjoys participating in activities led by our friendly preschool instructors.  The arena’s main floor access makes for easy and convenient drop-off. 

    Full schedules and admission fees can be found in the preschool section of the Recreation Guide in the drop-in schedule or online drop-in recreation calendar. Drop-in activities can also be found year-round at all of our Indoor Playgrounds.

    Registered Programs

    Parented -1 month to 3 years old - For parents or caregivers that want to spend time with their child in a registered program that is led by an instructor.

    Un-Parented - 2.5 to 3.5 or 3 to 5 years old - Your child will discover and learn in our interest-based play curriculum programs. Our focus is to facilitate the children’s play and provide learning opportunities while getting comfortable with being away from home. Our preschool rooms are equipped with exciting play centres for your child to experience. Choose from three different locations, once or twice a week options available, 2 or 3 hour classes. Registered programs have access to facility amenities such as the Preschool Playground, Edutainment Centre, Love to Play room or mini-gym spaces. Children will also have outdoor playtime.

    Kindergarten Readiness (Pre-K) - 4 to 5 years old - This program is a preschool program for children who are four years old and will be attending kindergarten the following year. We offer half-day, twice a week (morning or afternoon) or full day programs. There are two urban (Sherwood Park) and two rural locations to choose from. Kindergarten readiness focuses on social skills and building confidence while away from home. We provide foundational learning opportunities in language and literacy, pre-math, physical movement skills, and social and emotional development. Our preschool spaces are equipped with engaging play centres to ensure that your child is exposed to unique learning activities. Kindergarten Readiness, or Pre-K programs, have access to facility amenities such as the Preschool Playground, Edutainment Centre, Love to Play room or mini-gym spaces. Children will also have outdoor playtime.


    To find the full schedule and details of all of our preschool and pre-k programs, check out the latest version of the Recreation Guide.

  • Preschool is based out of two rural and three Sherwood Park locations, each with unique features. Preschool rooms are equipped with numerous learning centres: art, blocks, dramatic play, sand and water, nature and science, math and manipulatives, and literacy which are vital to the hands-on experiences you can find in our preschool programs. All our locations have indoor gyms and outdoor spaces for your active preschooler.

    For facility locations see the Strathcona County recreation facilities map.

Preschool programs FAQ

Strathcona County preschool programs are proud to partner with the University of Alberta in an innovative preschool research program funded by a Canadian Institute of Health Research grant. Learn about the research results in the Love to Play Community Report.


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