A portable sign is readily transportable and can easily be relocated, temporarily set-up and removed from a site. This type of sign is designed to allow for messaging and advertising to be changed frequently and easily.    

Where can a portable sign be located?

  • On commercial or industrial property and in some specific locations within the rural area, provided: 
    • It does not interfere with the safe and orderly movement of pedestrians or vehicles and does not restrict sight-lines for pedestrians or drivers
    • It is not placed in a location on a site that reduces the number of required parking or loading spaces
    • Is not illuminated and does not include audio
    • Is for on-site advertising, except: 
      • Portable signs may be used for off-site purposes only to provide direction. In such cases, they shall include only the name, address and telephone number and cannot include any advertising. 
  • Portable signs are restricted to a maximum of:
    • Two (2) signs on a parcel of 90m in width or less
    • Three (3) signs on a parcel of more than 90m in width  

Where are they restricted?

  • Residential property (or any property other than specified above)
  • Direct Control districts (unless specifically listed)
  • Vacant or undeveloped parcels
  • Parcels with an approved Freestanding Changeable Copy Sign

What are the required distances from existing signs, property lines etc?

  • The minimum distance allowed between portable signs is 30 metres (98 feet) 
  • Portable signs must be set back from other features: 
    • 23m (75.5 ft) from a permanent sign
    • 15m (49.2 ft) from a residential site 
    • 10m (32.8 ft) from another parcel (other than residential) 
    • 3m ( 9.8 ft) from any access/entrance to the site 
    • 10m (32.8 ft) from an intersection
    • 1m (3.3 ft) from an existing or future curb line
    • 0.3m (1 ft) from the inside edge of any sidewalk 

What is the maximum size of the sign?

  • Maximum sign area 5.0m² (53.82ft²) 
  • Maximum height 3.0m (9.84ft); height is measured from grade to top of sign 
  • Maximum width 3.0m (9.84ft)

Temporary permit approvals are available for three months, six months and 12 months. (See fee schedule.)

When is a permit required and how do I apply?

Permits are required for all portable signs

  • The name and phone number of the sign owner must be placed on the sign so they can be readily seen by County staff. 
  • When the permit is approved, you will receive a validation tag showing the date of expiry
  • The validation tag must be affixed to the sign.   

What to submit:

  • Development permit application
  • Landowner authorization
  • Length of time for proposed sign (3, 6 or 12 months)
  • A site plan showing:
    • Property lines, property dimensions, utility rights-of-way, street names and the north direction 
    • Location of existing buildings and signs on the property
    • Mark the location of the proposed sign
    • Label the distances from the proposed sign to property lines, accesses to the property and other signs on the property, including any portable signs and temporary signs for which permits have been issued. (Planning & Development Services has site plans for most commercial properties.)
  • An elevation drawing of the proposed sign showing:
    • The length, width and height of the sign
    • The height of the sign from the grade to the top of the sign
    • Proposed messaging on the sign  
  • See current fee schedule for permit application fees 

To view the complete regulations governing portable signs, refer to the Land Use Bylaw.

More information:

Planning and Development Services
Phone: 780-464-8080
Fax: 780-464-8142
Email: planninganddevelopment@strathcona.ca

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