Strathcona County offers a rebate for eligible residents that install a backwater valve for up to 50% of the supply and installation costs to a maximum of $1200. 

To receive a rebate, send a completed along with a copy of the purchase receipt and plumbing permit. Make sure to check and see if you are eligible to receive a rebate.

Note: Home owners qualifying for this rebate will require proper permits and inspection approvals to be completed prior to any rebate being issued.

Application process:

  1. Obtain proper permits from Planning and Development
  2. Once approved, have contractor install the valve
  3. Arrange for a plumbing inspection completed by a Plumbing Inspector from Planning and Development Services
  4. Submit your rebate application
  5. Utilities staff will contact you to complete a home inspection to verify backwater valve installation 

Do not cover over the backwater valve with carpet, flooring or other permanent fixture. 

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