Adults and older adults in a Zoom class

Strathcona County offers a selection of adult and older adult wellness programs, from high intensity group fitness to low intensity health-based/preventative options.

Programs offered

Strathcona County adult programs are available in seasonal sessions throughout the year. All currently available adult/older adult programs are listed below.

Adult / older adult programs

Drop-in group fitness classes

We also offer instructor-led drop-in group fitness activities at our various facilities year-round. Instructor-led drop-in classes are included on the Active Pass+.

Know before you go

There are a few things you may want to know before taking part in Strathcona County adult/older adult programs and group fitness classes.

Know before you go: adult / older adult programs

Evening and weekends: 780-416-3300
Weekdays: 780-467-2211

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