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Strathcona County Sponsorship

ACTIVE-ate your marketing

Are you looking for creative ways to market and promote your company in Strathcona County? Be where the action is and immerse your brand in Strathcona County facilities, events and programs.

Sponsorship and community investment opportunities with Strathcona County, Recreation, Parks and Culture are a great way to get involved in the community, and the best part is that your support helps:

  • Enhance existing recreational opportunities within the community
  • Create new recreational opportunities within the community
  • Support recreational programs and initiatives
  • Provide value-added opportunities for guests within spaces that are sponsored
  • Promote the collaboration of private and public sectors in an effort to sustain a high level of recreationa services in Strathcona County, and grow opportunities to promote healthy / active living

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Featured Opportunities in 2017

Canada 150 Sponsorships

Be part of the celebrations

Be part of one of the many Canada 150 celebrations this year by joining us with event and activity sponsorships to help celebrate our community and our Country!

Emerald Hills Regional Park Sponsorships

EHRP Sponsorship - area description

Centred in the diverse neighbourhood of Emerald Hills, and adjacent to Archbishop Jordan High School and Emerald Hills Shopping Centre, the Emerald Hills Regional Park provides a number of opportunities to help get your name out in the community. From Artificial Turf Field sponsorships to Aquatics Centre sponsorships in the Emerald Hills Leisure Centre, these new sites have quickly become a major hub for recreation in Strathcona County.

Millennium Place – Edu-tainment Centre

Edu-tainment Centre Description

Millennium Place’s reputation as a first class recreation facility in the region speaks for itself. One of the featured spaces in the facility includes the Edu-tainment Centre – an indoor play space for children that features a playground, climbing wall, tree-house, and interactive play pods that helps foster creative play opportunities for kids. If your organization or business is invested in supporting children and education, or if you’re looking to create greater brand awareness to young families, this could be the right fit for you.

Recent Highlights

Additional Opportunities

Naming Rights and Sponsorships of Spaces

A number of naming rights sponsorships within recreation facilities and spaces exist. From indoor spaces within Millennium Place to ball diamond naming rights opportunities in Emerald Hills Regional Park, these sponsorships typically provide year-round brand presence for a sponsor. Whether you’re invested in sport, wellness, play, swimming, arts, and/or culture, the opportunity to put your name on something you’re passionate about, and in front of your target audience could work best through this sponsorship platform.

Festival and Event Sponsorships

Be a part of some of the amazing annual events in Strathcona County. Annual event sponsorship opportunities such as Pitch-In, Arbor Day, Canada Day, Celebration of Lights and the New Year’s Festival are a great way to support recreation initiatives in the community, and activate your brand with a direct on-site presence.

Sponsorship of Programs

Sponsoring one of the many programs run through Strathcona County, Recreation, Parks and Culture provides a great opportunity to reach and support a direct audience. Whether it be supporting Everybody Gets to Play, a program that provides opportunities for Strathcona County children, youth, and families who are living on low income to participate in recreation, arts, culture, and sport activities, or by supporting active living for older adults by sponsoring a Seniors’ program, your sponsorship can make a significant impact on an individual’s recreation experience and quality of life.

Advertising Opportunities

As part of a pilot project, limited advertising opportunities exist within non-sponsored arenas. Hosting spaces are available for 3’ x 2’ wall decals to go up in the foyer spaces of designated arenas. This provides a short-term opportunity to market your brand and product as part of a marketing campaign or initiative to arena users and spectators.

Information for Sport and Community Groups

A number of sport and community groups use sponsorship as a tool for generating revenue and off-setting costs for their organization. They also use sponsorship as a means to support the hosting of events and tournaments. To support local sport and community groups in their initiatives through sponsorship, the County will provide:

Bi-annual sponsorship workshops

Bi-annual sponsorship workshops (Spring and Fall) for the purpose of educating local sport and community groups on sponsorship trends, building sponsorship programs so they can be successful on their own, and reviewing criteria for sponsorship recognition within County facilities. 

Establishment of criteria

An established set of criteria for when opportunities may be available for sport and community groups to recognize their sponsors within County facilities (e.g. at a major tournament).

For more information on workshops or to inquire on eligibility and opportunities for sponsorship recognition within a Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture facility or space, please contact Dennis Franklin at 780-464-8286, or

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