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For weekend and holiday updates call 780-467-5800.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

  • All fields and diamonds in Strathcona County are OPEN, except for:
  • Strathcona Athletic Park fields B, D, E and diamonds – CLOSED
  • Salisbury Athletic Park field B and diamond – CLOSED
  • Centennial Park diamond 9 – CLOSED
  • Sherwood Heights diamonds – CLOSED

  • Emerald Hills Artificial Turf Field: OPEN
  • Strathcona Athletic Park track: OPEN

Please note: If conditions change after the update has been made, please use your own discretion in order to prevent player injury and turf damage. Please notify Facility Bookings the next working day if you have cancelled your game and need to reschedule.

Please use discretion when using diamonds, as some shale surfaces may not be completely dry and can become unsafe or cause damage.

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The web page will be updated and the eNewsletter will be sent out only WHEN A CHANGE OCCURS that either opens or closes the fields.

Closure information will be posted by:

  • 4 p.m. - Monday to Friday (updates available on this page, through the e-newsletter and on the closure line at 780-467-5800)
  • 10 a.m. - Weekends and Holidays (updates available on the closure line ONLY at 780-467-5800)


Fields and Diamonds closed due to maintenance
Clarkdale Park Field A Apr 15 – Oct 31, 2017
Fountain Creek Field A Apr 15 – Oct 31, 2017
Strathcona Athletic Park Field B Sept 15 – Oct 31, 2017
Strathcona Athletic Park Field D Sept 15 – Oct 31, 2017
Strathcona Athletic Park Field E Sept 15 – Oct 31, 2017
Strathcona Athletic Park Diamond 1 Jul 4 – Oct 31, 2017

Fields may be closed due to unsafe playing surfaces and to prevent severe turf damage. Even if a field is deemed as open, the condition of the field may change after the field status has been updated. During heavy or prolonged rain, please discontinue play to reduce damage to playing surfaces and player injury. 

Closure Line (Rainouts): 780-467-5800


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