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Healthy Relationships

Find out how you can foster healthy relationships with your loved ones

To have healthy relationships, you need to be healthy. Personal well-being leads to healthy relationships. (University of Waterloo)

A healthy relationship looks different for everyone.

5 signs of a healthy relationship

  1. You are yourself when you are with this person.
  2. You feel honest with yourself and the other person.
  3. When you are with and talk to this person, you feel safe, supported and excited.
  4. You respect and trust one another.
  5. You feel the other person gives as much as you give to him/her.

Curious how your relationship rates? 

Take this quiz to find out!
(Quiz by the University of Waterloo.)

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Does someone you know need help?

Rise to the challenge and help keep your families, friends and neighbours safe. Little actions make a difference. 
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Family and Community Services wants to empower residents by giving them the tools to  improve their personal wellbeing and relationships. We think that the survey links on this page may help you to identify and understand potential areas of concern and can be a good starting point in determining whether you wish to enrol in a program offered by the County or speak with one of our staff members.

These surveys are offered by third parties, and are intended as an information resource only. Strathcona County has no control over the content of these surveys, nor do we have access to your answers or to any other personal information you may enter into the survey or choose to provide to the organization offering these surveys. Please read and make sure that you understand each of these organization’s privacy policies and that you are comfortable with them before proceeding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Community Developer (Family Violence) at 780-464-4044.   

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