South Cooking Lake is located 19 kilometres southeast of Sherwood Park on Highway 14 and according to the most recent census (2022) it has 270 residents. 


The Cree, Blackfoot and the Sarcee were the first to inhabit this area and that is where the name originally came from. O-PI-MI-W-SIOOSAKYAKN - Here's Where We Cook Lake or Cooking Lake. The water was clear and high. The beaches were white sand, the forests thick and tall. Cooking Lake was fished commercially until 1926. Large numbers of buffalo, lynx, fox, mink, muskrat, elk, deer, moose, wolves, coyotes and black bears used to roam this area. Many people remember the dances at Lakeview Hall. Drive past South Cooking Lake to Lakeview and you can see the rebuilt "Lakeview Fireplace"; all that is left of this famous meeting place.


Today it is possible to see a variety of wildlife and birds throughout the area. There is a day-use park, which is a great place for family picnics, walking trails, picnic sites and waterfowl viewing areas.

Outdoor amenities include:

The community hall, run by the South Cooking Lake Community League, has been completely renovated and is available for rent. In 2023, the volunteer-run community association celebrated their 100 year anniversary. The community hosts numerous activities and events each year, such as the annual Trail Days in August, Christmas craft sale, weekly Farmers Market in the summer, dances and other activities throughout the year.

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