Honoured to Serve. Inspired to Lead.

Strathcona County Emergency Services is an exciting and diverse integrated department. Over 250 staff proudly wear the uniform, and they are committed to the safety and care of those they serve. Strathcona County was recently named one of the top employers in Canada.

Our Mission
To protect from risk the things that matter to those we serve.

Our Vision
We will lead our community to be the safest in Canada.

Emergency Services is in a period of growth and needs a variety of people who are compassionate, problem-solvers and team players to provide excellent service and patient care to the community. Below are some of the reasons why Strathcona County Emergency Services is the best department to join. 

We care for our people

Wages and benefits
Members receive a competitive wage with opportunities for overtime, committee work and special projects. Members receive a comprehensive benefits packages including:    

  • extended health and dental coverage   
  • health and wellness spending accounts   
  • life and disability insurance and critical illness programs
  • retirement and pension programs 

View the Collective Bargaining Agreement with IAFF Local 2416 for full details.

Mental health support
Peer Support Team that has been recognized nationally for their dedication to members and their mental wellbeing. Emergency responders are asked to help with some of the most stressful hours in a person’s life. The Peer Support Team is here to connect members with a range of additional support and services available to them and their families.

Additional support is available to members and their families through an Employee and Family Assistance Program. The County has a number of polices related to a safe and respectful workplace.

Physical health
Peer Fitness Trainers are firefighter/paramedics that have been trained in the IAFF Fit to Thrive program. Knowing what is required of them on a daily basis helps them to develop programs and guide members to reach their fitness goals and reduce injury. Peer Fitness Trainers are also part of the recruit training fitness sessions.

Wellness Fitness Initiative
This comprehensive program includes medical screening, injury prevention and behavioural health to support members in everyday life, at work and into retirement. 


Prioritizing health and wellness

Learning and development
Lifelong learning opportunities are abundant! From becoming an Advanced Care Paramedic to training on specialty teams, to developing your leadership skills to other corporate funded learning - growth opportunities are endless. Strathcona County supports you throughout your career to reach your goals. 

Our department and community we serve

Humble beginnings

Emergency Services has a rich history. From the early beginnings in 1956 in a garage, to the full integrated service we have today. Watch the 65 anniversary video to learn more.

Diverse job with opportunities

A career as a firefighter/paramedic at Emergency Services is diverse. Members spend half of their time on the ambulance and half of their time on a fire apparatus. Members work shifts of four on and four off (two, 10-hour days and two, 14-hour nights). As members progress through the ranks, the amount of time spent on the ambulance decreases. This leads to career longevity.

There are several opportunities for positions in different divisions including Training, Logistics, Fire Prevention and Investigation.

Strathcona County has a vast landscape - urban centres, large wildland area, mid and heavy industry, rural hamlets, country residential and rural areas provide the opportunity to serve a wide variety of calls. Not many other services have the same diverse call profile.

Tools and supports

The department prides itself on having cutting edge technology and equipment. As our community is growing and changing, so are our capabilities. Staff have extensive knowledge and experience to innovate the best service possible. 

Firefighter/paramedics are members of the IAFF Local 2461, a very active and dedicated union.

Other benefits

Applicants who are offered a position with Strathcona County have the opportunity to submit their U of A physical testing cost for reimbursement (receipt required).

Strathcona County has a salary matching plan where new hires who are members in good standing with another IAFF local can carry over their current classification to Strathcona County with regards to salary only (up to the level of 1st class firefighter rate). The County is willing to discuss wage adjustments (up to a 1st class firefighter rate) for applicants with similar fire/EMS or EMS experience in an organization that serves the public.


Public Relations opportunities

Emergency Services are part of what makes Strathcona County a great community. Staff have many opportunities to give back and participate in community events, visit schools and support charities such as Muscular Dystrophy. 

Get involved

There are a number of other opportunities to get involved in the department. 


What our firefighter/paramedics have to say about working for SCES

"Job diversity and complexity. With all the specialty teams, committees and opportunities for further education, our department offers the chance for you to grow and develop as your interests change."

"A sense of community. SCES is still a medium sized department. You get to know everyone on a personal level, and we are a very social department. Your coworkers quickly become your best friends."

"Employees feel as if their employer does support and care for them."

"We have programs that help look after us physically, and peer support, supports our mental health. The department and County have put in a lot of effort to keep us safe and heathy. We have top of the line gear and equipment that is well maintained plus two sets of bunker gear."

"There are lots of opportunities outside of work (FireFit, Pipes and Drums, hockey, Honour Guard). These things help you form closer bonds and give opportunity to travel."

"Strathcona County is an amazing employer, the support and service available is second to none. They look after you throughout your career. Great benefits, amazing disability management team, lots of options for growth (personal learning plans). The County is an amazing place to live and raise a family with their commitment to community." 


Don't live in Strathcona County?

Strathcona County, located just east of Edmonton, is a welcoming place to live and attract people of all ages, cultures and walks of life to join us. Families thrive in our dynamic, caring and safe community. Learn more about us by visiting the links below.

Have questions?

Contact Emergency Services for questions about the department

Contact Human Resources for questions about the recruitment process

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