The following list and links provide information that may be required for your wellsite project.


Locate contact for County infrastructure 780-467-7785 and for street lighting and other County facilities contact 780-417-7100.


  • RUA
  • Access approach (link to application and design standards) – Provide location of approach on survey plans. Below is a list of things that should be included on the drawings attached with an approach application.
    • PDF format
    • Directional arrow- North
    • All roads labeled with civic and legal address
    • Dimensions for access and distance from closest intersection
    • Proposed access to be highlighted
    • Other roads information
  • Design and Construction Standards
  • Heartland and Rural Road Master Plan
  • Specialized Municipality Order in Council
  • See www.strathcona.ca for updates on County road bans.
  • Applicable road widening will be provided in the project submission response Note: Strathcona County Capital Planning and Construction can stipulate development offset.


  • Wetland policy
  • Erosion and sediment control plan
  • Notification to Elk Island National Park (if within a Legal Land Section distance)
  • Migratory Bird Convention Act and Owl survey
  • Agriculture
  • Clubroot Management
  • County Seed mix 
  • Landspray location
  • Weed control

Strathcona County Protocol

  • Notification and consultation - sample notification letter
  • School bus information
  • Water well testing 
  • Communication of setbacks with adjacent 
  • FlaringNoise 
  • Light
  • Emergency/fire 
  • Vegetation disposal method 
  • Emergency response plan and procedures 
  • Estimated number of employees on site (during construction) 
  • Run-off containment 
  • Survey – include:
    • Identification of all permanent structures
    • Property factors (residence, creek, highway
    • storage location of hazardous materials
    • Access routes 
  • Maintenance schedule of emergency equipment 
  • Detection systems 
  • Burn permits

More Information
Email: oilandgas@strathcona.ca

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