Due to the large number of existing and proposed pipelines it is critical that large pipeline routing aligns with existing corridors. Any deviations should be discussed with the County.

The following links provide the information that may be required for your project. 

Strathcona County Protocol

  • Notification and consultation – Notification request may be beyond AER requirements. (Sample notification letter)
  • School bus information
  • Communication of Municipal Pipeline setbacks to landowners
  • Corridor routing and alignment consultation with County
  • Minimization of permanent right-of-way


  • Locate contact for County infrastructure: 780-467-7785 
  • For street lighting and other County facilities: 780-417-7100
  • Design and Construction Standards (includes proximity distance, vertical separation, drawing requirements)
  • Third party crossing submissions


  • RUA (required for all pipeline projects). Note that hauling for landspray may also require a permit.
  • Access approach (permanent or temporary: construction, valve or meter sites, etc). 

Confirmation of Alberta Transportation approval is required for any work within 300 meters of a provincial road. Below is a list of things that should be included on the drawings attached with an approach application:

  • File should be in PDF format
  • Directional arrow- North 
  • All roads labeled with civic and legal address
  • Dimensions for access and distance from closest intersection
  • Proposed access to be highlighted 
  • Design and Construction Standards

Pipeline Crossing Approval

  • An unimproved or undeveloped county grid road may be considered for future upgrading. This upgrading will typically require a 20.0 metre (Class I or II) or 10.0 metre (Class III or IV) road right-of-way widening, which may fall on one side or the other of the original Government Road Allowance, or a combination of the two. Therefore, in order to facilitate future work with a minimum disturbance to the pipeline, a future road right-of-way zone of 60.0 or 40.0 metres (depending on roadway class) must be examined. Note that the 60.0 or 40.0 metre right-of-way zone widths are based on pipeline crossings perpendicular to the roadway; skewed pipelines increase the length of pipe within the future right-of-way zone.
  • All pipeline crossings must conform to the  – Specifically Section 5.1.7 and drawing 51111. 


  • Submission of an Access Approach Application with a $50.00 fee for each proposed access approach to roads under Strathcona County jurisdiction is required (construction, valve site access, etc.).
  • Existing approaches should be utilized wherever possible. Should construction of new temporary construction approach be required, a $3,500.00 + GST deposit will need to be submitted per each such access. The funds will be held until such time as the approach is no longer required and it is removed to County’s satisfaction. Access Approach Application
  • Heartland and Rural Road Master Plan
  • Municipality Order in Council
  • Applicable road widening will be provided in the project submission response
  • Preliminary crossing drawing (gathering pipelines only initially)
  • Routing
  • Third party crossing submissions



  • Clubroot Management plan and weed control
  • Seed mix
  • Landspray location/plan

Emergency Services

  • Burn permit
  • ESD valve site locations
  • ERP
  • Leak detection system details
  • County lands


  • All land requirements for County-owned property should be submitted to oilandgas@strathcona.ca.
  • Project timelines
  • Regulatory application date
  • Construction timelines

More Information

Email: oilandgas@strathcona.ca

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