Transmission Projects

The following list and links provide information that may be required for your project.

  • Due to the large number of existing and proposed linear infrastructure projects it is critical that routing aligns with existing corridors and/or does not fragment land. Any deviations should be discussed with the County.
  • Location of Transmission lines within County road allowances is not permitted.

Strathcona County Protocol

  • Notification and Consultation – sample notification letter
  • School bussing
  • Setbacks
  • Routing and alignment consultation with County
  • Minimization of permanent right-of-way


  • Locate contact for County infrastructure 780-467-7785 and for street lighting and other County facilities contact 780-417-7100.
  • Mitigation provision
  • Design and construction standards
  • Utility Line Assignment (ULA) form (1.2 MB)
  • Third party crossing submissions: 


  • Provision of County roads rights of ways 
  • maintenance agreement/contract 
  • RUA
  • Access approach (temporary or permanent). 
    • The following items should be included on the drawings attached with an approach application. 
    • PDF format 
    • Directional arrow- North 
    • All roads labeled with civic and legal address 
    • Dimensions for access and distance from closest intersection 
    • Proposed access to be highlighted 
    • Design and Construction Standards (includes access/approach and road widening).
  • For overhead transmission lines, the same relevant comments for road profile 200m in either direction of the line and a line profile above the road elevation is required.
  • Heartland and Rural Road Master Plan
  • Specialized Municipality Order in Council
  • Applicable road widening will be provided in the project submission response
  • Provide line crossing profile
  • Location of Pole/footing in proximity to future road widening 
  • Third party crossing submissions: 


  • Creek crossing method(s)
  • Riparian restoration plan (include riparian plant material)
  • Mapping of environmental areas and proposed routing
  • Avian protection information/plans
  • Migratory Bird Convention Act (see ) and Owl Survey
  • Post-construction vegetation maintenance plan


  • Clubroot Management plan and weed control

Emergency Services

  • Emergency/fire
  • Vegetation disposal method
  • ERP
  • Burn permits

Project timelines

  • Regulatory application date
  • Notification to landowners (radius and timing), open houses
  • Construction timelines

Thank you. A copy of this list will be provided with our response. Please refer to links provided for requests, standards and applications.

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