As a homeowner, you are responsible for repairs to water or wastewater (sewer) pipes on your property. Water or wastewater lines on public property are the responsibility of the County.

Water and wastewater pipes on private property are the homeowners responsibility
The red line shows the property line. Homeowners are responsible for repairs on private property and the County is responsible for repairs on public property.

Homeowner responsibilities and insurance FAQS

Periodically HomeServe sends a letter to residents about insurance for pipes on private property. Here are some common questions regarding homeowner responsibilities and insurance.

Strathcona County Utilities is not affiliated with, nor endorses any insurance offer to provide this service.

Homeowner tips for cold weather

Insulate the outside lines: wrap any water lines near outer walls or doors with insulation. You can wrap your exterior water lines with heat tape to help prevent pipes from freezing.

Keep the water flowing: frequently drawing water from the tap may prevent freezing because it creates a regular flow of water. Running water through the pipe—even a trickle—helps prevent pipes from freezing.

Turn off outdoor hoses: double check your outside hose faucet to ensure they're closed off; if they freeze, they can burst and may cause water to drain into your home.

Ask your house sitter to run the water: if you are going away on vacation, ask the person who is checking in at your home to run the taps as running water through the lines in cold weather makes it less likely that they'll freeze.

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