Lot drainage tips

  • 1. Eavestrough and downspout tips

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    • Keep your drainage system clear so that water can move freely down and away from the side of your house.
    • Attach extensions so that water is delivered at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) from the foundation.
    • Make sure your downspouts and extensions don't leak.
    • Disconnect any downspout connections that drain directly into the sanitary sewer system.
  • 2. Grading and landscaping tips

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    • Ensure a positive slope away from the wall for at least the first 1.5 metres (5 feet). The ground should drop a minimum of 75mm (3 inches) in this area.
    • Use landscaping to disperse water more evenly.
    • Seal the crack between your house and your driveway.

    If you have any questions and would like to speak to a lot grading safety codes officer, contact Planning and Development Services at 780-464-8080.

  • 3. Sump pump tips

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    • Maintain your approved lot grade plan. Do not change this when you landscape your property. Sump pumps should discharge water at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) from the foundation wall.
    • If your sump pump discharges on the ground, place a splash pad below where the sump pump discharge pipe comes through the foundation wall.
    • Use long pipes to drain away sump pump discharge.
    • Slope the ground below the discharge pipe down and away from the foundation wall at a minimum of 5 per cent grade.
    • Never turn off your sump pump.
    • Do not hook up your sump drainage to the sanitary sewer system. The sanitary sewer system is designed to manage normal flows of sewage and not rainwater or water from sump pumps.
    • Do not let your sump pump drain water onto the sidewalk. Resulting algae build-up creates a slippery, unsafe surface. This can be a liability issue for the homeowner and the County.
    • Consider a backup battery system from your sump pump in case of power outages.

    For homes built prior to 2001, without a sump pump installed, contact Utilities at 780-467-7785. Our staff are will work with homeowners to find alternatives to unauthorized connections.

  • 4. Why is it important to keep storm water out of the sanitary sewer system?

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    • Unauthorized connections put more water into the sanitary sewer system than it is designed to handle. This increases the risk of sewage backup and basement flooding.
    • Environmental and health concerns escalate when the sanitary sewer system is overtaxed.
    • Sewage may not be treated as effectively.
    • Raw sewage may be diverted into the river or holding areas.

Further information

780-464-8423 - Lot grading - Planning and Development Services
780-467-7785 - Sump pumps and sewer back ups -Utilities
780-417-7100 - Drainage - Transportation and Agriculture Services 

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