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Strathcona County has two recycling stations, Broadview Enviroservice Station and Ardrossan Recycle Station, plus monthly recycling events in South Cooking Lake.

Broadview Enviroservice Station

Ardrossan Recycle Station

  • 80-3 Avenue, Ardrossan
  • Open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The Ardrossan Boy scouts help to keep this station clean - keep them safe!

South Cooking Lake monthly events

  • Fire Station #2, 22142 South Cooking Lake Road
  • There are week-long rural recycling events that begin on the last weekend of every month. 

Accepted materials

Please check where you can drop off your materials using the chart below.

Type of material Broadview Ardrossan South Cooking Lake
Common recycling items (see list below)
Styrofoam (large white packing pieces)  
Glass (bottles and jars, lids removed)
Tetra packs / empty gift cards / shoes  
Yard waste (leaves and grass)    
Brush (standard truck bed load - 4'x8'x2' max)    
Tires (passenger, rims removed)  
Small metal items
Agriculture Pesticide and Fertilizer Containers (per Cleanfarms)    

Common recycling items

Please sort/separate your recycling:

  • aluminum containers (beverage, soup, vegetable, pie plates, take-out containers)
  • beverage containers (juice boxes, milk cartons and jugs, no lids or caps)
  • box board (cereal, cracker boxes, paper egg cartons)
  • cardboard
  • hard plastic bottles and containers (detergent, condiment, yogurt or margarine containers, clean, no lids or caps)
  • magazines and flyers
  • paper (plain and glossy paper, envelopes, greeting cards with no decorations)
  • wrapping paper (no foil)

Not sure where something goes? Check out our Waste Wizard.

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