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The hydrogen fuel cell electric bus arrival — one each for Edmonton and Strathcona County— is a key milestone to prepare for pilot testing in our region as part of Alberta Zero Emission Hydrogen Transit (AZEHT) initiative. The pilot provides the hands-on experience to test the hydrogen fuel cell electric buses in our colder climate. Once operational, the buses' performance will be monitored at all times and the data collected will help inform next steps.

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) provided $4.6 million in funding towards the City and Strathcona County purchasing and testing two hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

Thanks to great collaboration among several key stakeholders, Strathcona County and the City of Edmonton are industry-leading by having the first:

  • hydrogen fuel cell electric buses operating in Canada
  • hydrogen maintenance facility in Alberta
  • hydrogen fuelling station in Alberta - operated by Suncor.

The buses will hit the road in Edmonton and Strathcona County in 2023, after safety protocols, training and infrastructure are set up.

"Strathcona County is proud to be a part of this industry-leading approach to reduce carbon emissions.

Our region, specifically Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, provides the perfect testing environment with access to existing experience in hydrogen production.

The combined expertise of all partners provides a first-in-Canada opportunity to test hydrogen fuel cell electric bus technology in our climate."

- Mayor Rod Frank

Key facts: hydrogen fuel cell electric bus

  • Hydrogen fuel cell buses are environmentally friendly, quiet and efficient.
  • The buses produce no exhaust-pipe emissions and are classed as “zero emission capable.”
  • The buses will rely on Alberta’s first hydrogen vehicle fuelling station, which is a collaboration between the Alberta Motor Transport Association and Suncor. 
  • Hydrogen fuel cell buses have a travel range of up to 480 kilometres.
  • The fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity that powers the bus.
  • The byproducts of the chemical reaction are heat and water. As a result, water comes out of the exhaust pipe of the bus.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell buses are quieter than current diesel buses.
  • Like all transit buses, hydrogen fuel cell buses are outfitted with industry-regulated safety systems to provide a safe riding experience. Strict safety measures govern the operation and fuelling of hydrogen vehicles.

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