Construction in 2025

Improvements were completed in 2023. Additional rehabilitation work on Oak Street, from Beauvista Drive east to Sherwood Drive, is currently planned for 2025.

Once confirmed, this webpage will be updated with timelines and impacts.

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As part of the annual Residential Road Rehabilitation program, Strathcona County will be making improvements to Oak Street (Vic Bidzinski Way), between Beauvista Drive and the Kinsmen Leisure Centre.  

Access to facilities along Oak Street will be maintained during construction, but occasional detours and night time closures will be required.

Project timeline

Construction is expected to start in July 2023 and will occur in two phases:  

  • Phase 1) Spot concrete replacement  
  • Phase 2) Asphalt road improvements

 Residences along Oak Street will receive additional information before construction starts about what to expect, along with estimated start dates.  

Traffic calming features will be added 

During construction, four raised crosswalks and one speed hump will be added to address speeding concerns, reduce short-cutting and support pedestrian safety. Raised crosswalks create an elevated walking surface that improves visibility of pedestrians and encourages drivers to slow down.   

Map showing the project area along Oak Street

See a more detailed version of the map here. (6.8 MB)

The County evaluates and upgrades pedestrian crossings in or near playgrounds, schools and pedestrian corridors in accordance with the Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Action Plan and the Traffic Calming Policy. These are planned during scheduled rehabilitation. 

Creating a more pedestrian friendly road to support the safe walkability in the area aligns with the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for Centre in the Park (CITP), which involved an extensive public engagement process.  

Image showing a section of sidewalk missing and construction cones blocking it off

Phase 1 - Concrete replacement 

During this phase, select portions of the sidewalk, curb and gutter will be marked and then replaced. In most cases, not all sidewalks will be replaced. Project Managers will evaluate the condition of the concrete and only replace deficient sections.  

Concrete replacement process: 

  • Removal of existing concrete and sod 
  • Construction of base and forming for new concrete 
  • Pouring new concrete 
  • Replacement of topsoil and sod 

The contractor will replace the sod behind the new concrete that has been poured and is responsible for watering the sod until it has taken. Homeowners are also  

Image showing a road being paved

Phase 2 - Asphalt road improvements 

Asphalt (road) improvements will begin approximately one to two weeks after Phase 1 has been completed. During this phase, the entire project limits from west of Beauvista Drive to south of Kinsmen Leisure Centre will be milled and resurfaced with a new asphalt surface throughout.

Things to watch for

Parking and access
  • Parking will be temporarily restricted during construction
  • Access to your driveway may be limited
  • "No Parking" signs will go up 24 hours before construction starts to ensure sufficient notice of parking restrictions
  • We will remove 'No Parking' signs as soon as they are no longer required
  • Wherever possible, we will only restrict parking to one side of the street
  • If you have an RV parked on your driveway and need to remove it during construction, please submit a request through County Connect.
Equipment and signs
  • Expect equipment in the area until construction is complete
  • No parking signs and barricades will be placed on lawns and sidewalks
  • Information signs will be posted with start dates for each phase of construction
Dust and debris
  • Dust and debris will be present during construction. The contractor will attempt to keep them to a minimum
  • Loose materials, oil, cement powder and uneven surfaces

Please note: Weather can cause unexpected delays. Although we strive to maintain schedules, timeline changes may be required.

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