Painting of prairie landscape and horizon
Always Changing, Annette Sicotte, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022


Strathcona Contemporary Exhibition         

April 26 – June 22, Gallery@501, 501 Festival Avenue #120, Sherwood Park 

Engage with the community. Share your art with the public! Amplify your exposure and build bridges between your art and the broader community. Vote for the People’s Choice Awards – the top three artists with the most votes will be recognized at the Artists’ Pecha Kucha on June 7th. 

Artists’ meet and greet                 

May 4 (1pm – 3pm) Gallery@501, 501 Festival Avenue #120, Sherwood Park  

Connect with your peers. Explore, connect and thrive within a community of creators. Meet fellow artists, art enthusiasts and potential collaborators. An afternoon event filled with art and conversation.  

Youth Gallery Celebration            

May 9 (6pm – 8pm) Emerald Hills Leisure Centre, 3555 Emerald Drive, Sherwood Park 

Celebrate local artists. An opening reception at the Gemstone Gallery Youth Art Space to continue celebrating the artwork of the award-winning youth artists from the Art Society of Strathcona County’s 2024 Student Art Competition. 

Artist workshops (18Y+)               

May 25 (1pm – 4pm) Gallery@501 *registration required*, 501 Festival Avenue #120, Sherwood Park 

Unleash your creativity. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, Strathcona Contemporary welcomes all creatives to join this enriching celebration of art, fostering a supportive environment for growth and expression. Join us for an afternoon of hands-on creativity with two artists featured in the Strathcona Contemporary exhibition.  Register by calling Gallery@501 at 780-410-8585 or email            

Arts and culture info panel             

June 1 (1pm – 3pm)Gallery@501, 501 Festival Avenue #120, Sherwood Park  

Cultivate growth. Elevate your art practice through shared experiences and knowledge exchange. Learn about the exciting opportunities available for Strathcona County artists. A panel of arts administrators and community activators will share information about different programs, grants and resources for you to grow your art career locally. Followed by a Q&A session.   

Artists’ Pecha Kucha                      

June 7 (6:30pm – 9pm)  Agora and Gallery@501, 501 Festival Avenue #120, Sherwood Park  

Celebrate local artists. Join us for a dynamic celebration hosted by the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County showcasing the incredible talent of Strathcona County’s art community in Pecha Kutcha style! Seven artists from past Salon exhibitions and the current Strathcona Contemporary exhibition will share their stories and the annual art acquisitions will be announced.   

About the Program

Guided by the Art Collection Advisory Committee, the 2024 Art Acquisition program takes place during the reimagined Strathcona Contemporary (formerly known as the "Strathcona Salon") — an extensive exhibition of the artists who shape the County’s creative ecology. The Strathcona Contemporary is a two-month celebration of local artists and artisans that features five different events for local artists, youth, and community to: 

  • connect with peers  
  • inspire and be inspired 
  • engage with the community 
  • cultivate individuals' growth  
  • unleash creativity in the community 

From the exhibition, eligible artworks are considered for purchase by a jury of practicing artists and curators. 

This year the Strathcona Contemporary will host an opening reception at the Gallery@501, a celebration at the Gemstone Gallery, two workshops, a professional development panel, and a Pecha Kutcha closing celebration hosted by the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County.  

Winners of the Art Society of Strathcona County’s annual youth exhibition are invited to loan their artwork to the County for one year to be featured in the Gemstone Gallery at Emerald Hills Leisure Centre.


General guidelines

Artwork requirements

  • Artists may submit two and three-dimensional artwork in any medium. Any artwork that is original, initiated by the artist, and completed within the last four years may be eligible.

    • One artwork (e.g., one canvas, frame, or sculpture) 


    • Two artworks (e.g., two canvases, frames, or sculptures) 


    • One multi-part artwork or small series (e.g., a diptych, triptych, or a collection of related prints) 




  • A multipart-artwork refers to dyptychs, triptychs, or other artworks comprised of separate parts. A series of works refers to artwork that is visually connected through a subject matter, pattern, medium, technique, palette, and size. Though separate, the components of a series or multi-part artwork should feel like one larger artwork when installed. The Jalopy Collection (2007) by Julie Witten Land is an example of a series. 

    All two-dimensional artworks in a series must be the same size and have matching frames. Three-dimensional artworks may vary in size and shape. 

    Artists must provide a diagram or instructions for installing multi-part artworks or series including their preferred arrangement and spacing between artworks.

    Note: Space at Gallery@501 is limited. Though every effort will be made to exhibit all eligible submissions, Gallery@501 may not have room to accommodate all artworks in a series. In this case, the artist will be contacted before the exhibit opening. Though staff will follow artists’ instructions whenever possible, the placement of artworks is up to the discretion of Gallery@501 staff.

  • Artworks must weigh fifty pounds or less. Staff must be able to safely move the artwork without special equipment or the artist’s assistance. 

    Two-dimensional artwork (or any artwork intended to hand on a wall):

    • Combined area up to 28 square-feet (height of tallest artwork x total width of all artworks)

    Three-dimensional artwork:

    • Maximum footprint of 2.25 square feet per artwork (width x depth) 
    • Maximum height of 8 feet 

    Two-dimensional series:

    • up to 28 square feet including space between artworks (artists must provide instructions and/or a diagram for installation).

    Three-dimensional series:

    • Maximum footprint of 2.25 square feet per artwork (width x depth)
    • Maximum combined footprint of 9 square feet with at least 0.5 feet between artworks
    • Maximum height of 8 feet
    • Maximum height of 8 feet 
    • Photograph: If possible, take a quality photograph of the artwork prior to framing. Cell phone photography is acceptable.   

    • Labels: Label your artwork on the back or bottom with the title of the work, your name and phone number.  

    • Framing: Two-dimensional artworks on paper or similar substrates must be framed or include alternative hanging hardware (rare-earth magnets, clips, etc.). Professional, museum-standard framing is not mandatory.  

    • D-Rings: On conventional 2-dimensional artworks, such as framed artwork and canvases, D-rings are the preferred hardware. If you require assistance or further instruction for installing hanging hardware, contact Strathcona County Public Art. 

    • Artwork that exceeds number, size, or weight limits, or artwork that cannot be spatially or technically accommodated by Gallery@501 is not eligible.
    • Artwork that was previously submitted to “The Strathcona Salon” is not eligible. 
    • Artwork created prior to 2020 is not eligible for display (no exceptions). 
    • Any artwork that poses physical danger to staff or gallery visitors is not eligible.  
    • Artwork that depicts profanity, pornographic images, or graphic violence will not be permitted. 
    • Portraits created without consent of the individuals depicted are not permitted. 
    • Artwork that purposefully imitates another work of art is not permitted. 
    • Artwork that perpetuates harmful stereotypes, racism, or gendered violence is not permitted. 


Artwork sales and donations

Jury and selection process

View artwork selected for purchase in 2023

Ten artworks were recommended for purchase in 2023. These artworks will be on display in the Community Centre through June 2023. Click on an image below to view the gallery. 

Direct questions and concerns to Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture:

Phone: 780-467-2211

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