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Building an uncovered deck

Note: This page refers to construction of an uncovered deck. For  information on building a covered deck, please click here.

Building a deck in Strathcona County is now easier than ever.

Deck permits are required if the structure will be higher than 2 ft. off the ground. If the deck you want to build is in compliance with current building codes and zoning bylaws, only a building permit is required. You can now apply for this permit online at your convenience. Online applications can be approved within a few days once all necessary information is provided.  

How do I apply?  

Log on to the system here. Once you’ve registered your account, follow the prompts to apply for your permit.  

What do I need?  

To start your application, all you need is a digital copy of your site plan and construction plan. The construction plans can be hand drawn or you can use the template provided below.

 view a sample elevation drawing

 view a sample foundation plan

When will I get my permit?  

If you apply online, it only takes a few days to approve your permit once all necessary information (site and construction plans) are received.  

Is there a variance?  

If your deck plan is not in compliance with current zoning bylaws, you will require a development permit in addition to the building permit for your deck. Contact us to find out what you need to get your permit application started.  

For information on applying for a deck permit in person, click here.  

Printable brochure (331.6 KB)  

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