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In 2019, Strathcona County Council supported the exploration of a fieldhouse development based on emerging community needs, expression of interest from community groups and the priorities indicated in the Recreation and Culture Strategy. The fieldhouse could include a turf field, multipurpose dry land space, multipurpose program areas and a walking/jogging track.

Community group survey
Strathcona County is currently asking for input into the proposed project from community groups. An online survey is open now until July 22. Please coordinate a response with your community group to ensure only one response per group is submitted.
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Please note, this project is currently in the concept and planning phase. Administration will seek approval for the development of the fieldhouse later in 2020.

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Fieldhouse activities

Fieldhouse activities (544.0 KB)

The indoor fieldhouse could accommodate a wide variety of activities including, but not limited to:

Soccer Field hockey Basketball
Football Ultimate frisbee Walking
Rugby Fitness Volleyball
Softball School activities Bocce
Baseball Senior activities Pickleball
Lawn bowling Youth activities Running
Badminton Lacrosse  
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