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Community group survey (complete)
Thank you to those groups that shared their feedback through the community group survey. A summary of What We Heard is available.

Resident survey (complete)
Residents were invited to share their views about the proposed indoor fieldhouse through an online survey. A summary of results is available.  What We Heard report (2.6 MB)

About the proposed indoor fieldhouse

As part of its community recreation planning, Strathcona County is exploring the feasibility of a new indoor multi-use fieldhouse.

This approach is based on the County's Recreation and Culture Strategy findings that indoor field space, gymnasium/court space and fitness tracks are top development priorities for community recreation.

The proposed indoor fieldhouse could include a “full-size” non-boarded indoor turf with walking/running track, multi-use court spaces, multi-use meeting and program rooms and a social gathering/lobby space.

If approved, depending on the size, type, and scope of facility chosen, the overall cost for the facility (based on preliminary work done to date) is approximately $90M. This estimate consider the cost of building and site-related capital costs. 

For context, the proposed facility would be about two-thirds the size of Millennium Place. The indoor field and multi-purpose court space surface area is approximately 150,000 sq ft., making it significantly larger than the indoor fields currently at Millennium Place.

A site has not yet been selected for this potential project. Please note, this project is currently in the concept and planning phase. Administration will seek approval for the development of the fieldhouse later in 2020.

Current design and facility elements consider community needs growth projection, accessibility and alignment with the Strathcona County Recreation and Culture StrategyTourism Strategy and Social Framework, along with construction capital cost and long-term operating reviews.

Next steps
Next steps include sharing the public survey responses with Council as part of their consideration for the indoor fieldhouse, at an upcoming Council meeting later this fall.


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Fieldhouse activities

Fieldhouse activities (544.0 KB)

The indoor fieldhouse could accommodate a wide variety of activities including, but not limited to:

Soccer Field hockey Basketball
Football Ultimate frisbee Walking
Rugby Fitness Wheelchair sports
Softball School activities Bocce
Baseball Senior activities Pickleball
Lawn bowling Youth activities Running
Badminton Lacrosse Volleyball

Frequent questions


This project is currently in the planning phase.

Phases are: Exploration          Planning           Design          Construction           Complete

Exploration phase: October 2019

Approval to develop concept and estimate costs

Planning phase: Fall 2019 to Fall 2020

  • Engagement
  • Concept design
  • Site assessment
  • Facility feasibility
  • Council October 27, 2020 GATE 1 APPROVAL: Facility Concept
  • Council November 24, 2020 GATE 2 APPROVAL: Detailed design for up to $5 million

Detailed design phase:  2021 (if approved by Council)

  • Council Q1-3, 2021 GATE 3 APPROVAL: Site selection
  • Council Q4, 2021 GATE 4 APPROVAL: Final building approval


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