Area structure plan amendment application

This application form approval must be submitted to Strathcona County to ensure that a proposed development complies with the Municipal Development Plan and applicable County policies and standards.
Area Structure Plan Amendment approval application (39.1 KB)

Application form (1 original)

  • The application form for Area Structure/Amendment approval must be completed in its entirety.
  • The name, addresses and telephone number(s) of the registered owner(s) and the authorized person(s) acting on behalf of the registered owner must be printed in the proper areas on the application form.
  • The application must be signed by one of the above mentioned persons. If a person is acting on behalf of the registered owner(s), it is essential that the owner(s) sign the authorization.
  • Please note that if a company or individual is the owner of the said land under an agreement for sale as indicated by caveat on the back on the Certificate of Title, please submit a copy of the signed agreement for sale or caveat along with the application.
  • In those instances where making an application on behalf of a developer, which has an option on the land, this office also requires a written authorization from the developer.

Current copy of certificate of title

  • A current copy of the title as it now exists at Land Titles Office can be obtained from any License and Registrations Office
  • If there are any caveats or easements registered on the title pertaining to Strathcona County (i.e. deferred reserve caveats or utility easements) please submit copies of these documents along with the application.

Proposed plan/amendment document outlining the following: (35 copies) 

  • Purpose of Plan/Amendment. A clear concise statement of the development objectives, use and naming of this Bylaw.
  • Compliance with the Municipal Development Plan and applicable County policies/standards. A short statement on the Plans compliance with applicable existing Statutory Plans and County policies and standards.
  • Planning forecasts and effective time period of the plan. A summary of development planning forecasts for the Plan Area; and a clear statement on the Plan's effective time period or the inclusion of a sun set clause specifying a date for the Bylaw's termination or conditions for its continuation if suitable.
  • Definition of the Plan Area and relationship with surrounding lands. A precise delineation of the Plan's geographic boundaries, and a concise statement on the Plan's relationship and linkages with surrounding lands, such as roads and walkways, school/park sites and accessibility, environmental features etc.
  • Policies and Plans addressing Environmental Protection and Tree Retention elements.
  • Land use, population and development density policies and plans for all private, semi-public and public lands, and their location, with statistics on percentages of total land area and gross developable area calculations.
  • Transportation policies and plans for arterial roads, major and minor collectors, public and school transit routes.
  • Utility servicing policies and plans for major water, sanitary sewer, storm management, electric power, natural gas and other systems and their locations.
  • Urban design, landscaping and architectural policies and proposals.
  • Other policies and plans as specified by the County to address any unique circumstances of the plan area.
  • Proposed development phasing.
  • Metric plans and maps at a minimum scale of 1:5000 and appropriate graphs to support the Area Structure Plan/Amendment Plan's policies, including but not limited to the following:
    • a legal composite map showing the plan/amendment area other plans and graphs to illustrate clearly the requirements of 4 to 11 above for the plan/amendment area, including but not limited to the following;
    • proposed land ownership pattern;
    • proposed land features, water bodies, tree covers and environment protection and wild life areas;
    • proposed land uses and densities
    • proposed roads, pedestrian/bicycle routes, transit routes and utilities;
    • proposed urban design, landscaping and architectural features and guidelines; and
    • proposed development phasing scheme.

Use of colours should be avoided
A copy of the proposed area structure plan/amendment plan on 3" disk.
Design Brief (12 copies):
Public information program

Check list
Your complete subdivision application must consist of the following:

  • Appropriate application fees
  • Application forms - 1 originals
  • Current copy of certificate of title
  • Proposed plan/amendment document
  • Completed right-of-entry
  • Copy of proposed plan on 3" disk (if available)
  • Public information program

Policy Statement

That area structure plans shall be required in areas where future layout of land uses have not been determined by council, where a proposed development will occur in two or more phases, where the proposed development area is approximately 16 hectares (40 acres) or more, and/or where there is a need to co-ordinate with development planning of adjoining lands.

That area structure plans shall be prepared in Bylaw format with all contents clearly indexed for easy reference and future amendment, together with supporting maps, charts, and illustrations.

That area structure plan applicants shall be required to submit proposed public information programs, including exact approaches and steps to be taken, for council approval, and the applicants shall be responsible for carrying out the approved public information programs.

Unless otherwise determined by council, area structure plans shall contain adequate discussions and polices in the following areas.

  • Environmental and physical site analysis;
  • Natural and man-made constraints on development
  • Existing and planned land uses;
  • Planned population levels and densities
  • Existing and future land uses and population densities in surrounding areas
  • Transportation systems including all roads, transit routes and pedestrian passages
  • Trunk public utility and servicing systems including capacity location and design parameters.
  • Urban design and Landscape guidelines;
  • Development Phase: and
  • Conformance with the Municipal Development Plan

That Schedule A of the policy showing the Area Structure Plan Approval and Amendment procedure shall follow the processing of area structure plans.

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