Animal Control Bylaw

About the Animal Control Bylaw

The Animal Control Bylaw regulates the ownership of domesticated livestock and poultry species within the County. One of the many reasons for the Animal Control Bylaw is to protect the environment, property and to ensure public health.

If you live in Strathcona County and are interested in keeping livestock or poultry on your property, the Animal Control Bylaw 18-2011 (564.1 KB) will apply to you.    

If you live in a rural setting

Strathcona County boasts a large country residential, and small holdings areas in which to raise livestock within the current regulations. People who would like to raise livestock are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities in these designated areas.

If you live in an urban setting

Over the past few years there has been a trend in North America towards introducing livestock into urban centres for a multitude of reasons including food production, companionship, therapeutic use or business ventures. In Strathcona County, urban livestock is currently not permitted in urban centres.

Updating the Animal Control Bylaw

Bylaws are reviewed regularly, and are established and enforced to protect the health, safety and well-being of all County residents.

The Animal Control Bylaw was reviewed as part of the Urban Agriculture Strategy development in 2016. This timing was determined to be the most strategic, efficient and cost effective manner to address all stakeholder needs. 

Next steps in amending the bylaw include:

  • Update proposed bylaw based on input from November 13, 2018 Priorities Committee meeting
  • Review amendments with Legislative and Legal Services
  • Bring Council a proposed bylaw to amend the Animal Control Bylaw by spring 2019
  • Create process and forms
  • Implement changes to the bylaw

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