Planning and Development Services has received several inquiries in the past few years from residents and landowners regarding the potential for developing an event venue on rural land in Strathcona County. An event venue is not currently a listed use in any of the rural zoning districts of the County’s Land Use Bylaw.

A rural event venue may fit within the objectives and policy of the County’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) on the basis of it being oriented to agri-tourism or nature-based tourism in the Agriculture Large Holdings, Agriculture Small Holdings and Beaver Hills Policy Areas of the County. However, there are some land use challenges associated with this type of use, such as the size of venues, potential impacts on adjacent landowners (nuisance, traffic, etc.), provision of adequate servicing and so on (for a more detailed list, please see FAQs below).

If you are interested in discussing potential opportunity to develop a rural event venue on your property, please contact Planning and Development Services for more information.

Common questions:

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