Salisbury Village is the area between Range Road 232 (Brentwood Boulevard) and Range Road 233 (Sherwood Drive), south of Wye Road. It encompasses approximately 48.54 hectares of land.

The intent is to develop a complete urban village that is connected by roadways and trails. Salisbury Village will form a compact community that retains the natural features of the area and includes a range of housing forms and a variety of commercial uses. 

The Salisbury Village Area Structure Plan is divided into three major development areas

  1. Phase 1: The major land use within phase 1 is commercial uses which are located along Wye Road. This area encompasses approximately 21.94 ac (8.88 ha) of land.  
  2. Phase 2: Provides a range of housing opportunities such as single dwellings, townhouses and apartments. Phase 2 also includes commercial uses intended for day to day shopping. This area encompasses approximately 70.26 ac (28.43 ha) of land. 
  3. Phase 3: Focuses on a mix of commercial and residential developments. The north and east sections of Phase 3 include a natural area that consists of a park and wetland. This area encompasses approximately 27.74 ac (11.23 ha) of land.  

Plans, maps and bylaws

Salisbury Village Area Structure Plan (ASP) (3.8 MB)
Adopted by Council on July 21, 2022.

Salisbury Village Location Map (312.5 KB)

salisbury village location map

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