Cambrian Crossing is north of Highway 16 and west of Highway 21. It encompasses approximately 365 hectares of land. The goal is to create a new community where people will live, work, learn, play and relax.  

Inspired by its rural roots, recognizable location and natural landscape features such as Oldman Creek, it will become a series of mixed uses that embrace development in an inclusive community where there are: 

  1. Diversity and choice of industry, business and housing;
  2. Options for walking, biking, and transit as ways to get around in the community;
  3. A variety of employment integrated throughout the community; and
  4. Respect and support for health, well-being and culture of the community and the environment

Plans, maps and bylaws

Cambrian Crossing ASP Location Map (236.6 KB)

CambrianCrossingLocation map

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