Ardrossan is a hamlet about six kilometres east of Sherwood Park, and four kilometres south of Highway 16. It encompasses approximately 244.5 hectares of land. Development plans for the area support limited population growth, employment, services, and housing.  

Ardrossan is intended to be a residential community that connects residents and respects its natural features and open spaces. The area was designed to create a community that:

  • provides a variety of land uses: housing, commercial, mixed use areas, recreation and parks
  • encourages walking, cycling or rolling by offering a network of sidewalks and trails
  • connects neighbourhoods with safe roads
  • spaces for cultural and social events
  • promotes natural habitat conservation

There are two major development areas planned within Ardrossan:

  1. The Ardrossan Area Structure Plan (ASP) establishes parameters for growth on the west of Ardrossan.  

  2. The Ardrossan East Area Structure Plan (ASP) establishes parameters for growth on the east of Ardrossan.  

Plans, maps and bylaws

Ardrossan Location Map (280.6 KB)


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