Bremner Area Project

Open house and online engagement

View the open house materials or complete the online survey.

This is the final opportunity for the public and area landowners to comment and provide input prior to the Public Hearing. The online engagement will take place from February 21 until March 7, 2019.

View the third draft of the Bremner and LEA Area Concept Plan and technical documents here.

View a video explaining the financial viability model structure

Feedback received from the open house and online survey will be posted online in an engagement summary.

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The community built a vision through the Bremner Growth Management Strategy, and through the Bremner Area Project we are creating a detailed plan for urban growth that continues to the north and to the east of present Sherwood Park. Keep up with the latest project news by signing up for our e-newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Where we're growing

Strathcona County’s population is growing and we need to plan to ensure efficient, smart and innovative growth. Bremner will be a continuous expansion of Sherwood Park that reflects principles of smart growth. The Local Employment Area located across from Bremner, on the south side of highway 16 (see below map), is also being planned for as part of the Bremner Area Project.

Professional services firm, Stantec, has been retained to work with the County on the project. There are many ways for the public to provide input on the project through the public engagement process.

Bremner Area Project (274.7 KB)

Next steps

On February 12, the Strathcona County Priorities Committee was given an overview of how the financial model functions for the Financial Viability Analysis, and provided scenarios to evaluate financial variables.

We are still accepting comments from the public, as well as internal and external reviewers for draft 3 of the Area Concept Plan and technical documents, and this process must be completed prior to finalizing the associated costs within the financial model. The Financial Viability Analysis for Bremner will be finalized and available on our website for review in April 2019, prior to the Public Hearing and first reading for the Bremner and LEA Area Concept Plan.

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More information

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