Information for energy companies proposing to work in Strathcona County.

Directive 56 notifications and all other requests for pipelines, wellsites, transmission and other related projects can be directed to Planning and Development Services. Contact us at 780-464-8080 or email: for more information. Please note that routing for pipelines should be discussed with Strathcona County early in the project planning process.

The county should be provided information on all pipeline (including integrity work), wellsite and transmission projects. Information generally required by Strathcona County and the corresponding contacts within the municipality.

Strathcona County Protocol outlines county expectations
Planning and Development Services for crossing and proximity agreements and environmental information
Transportation Engineering and Operations use of county roads, traffic safety and access/approaches
Emergency Services requirements and expectations
Utilities locates and standards

Transportation Planning and Engineering road construction projects and plans

Strathcona County Protocol

Developed by landowners, the Protocol outlines the municipality and community expectations of energy companies working in Strathcona County. Issues such as notification and consultation distances are outlined as well as expectations for flaring, water wells and their protection and pipelines. Strathcona County can assist in providing landowner addresses for notification purposes. Local or site specific concerns may also be identified.

Community information

Strathcona County can supply landowner addresses for notification purposes for wellsite, pipeline and facility proposals. Please fill out the Fee Based Information - Request Form and fax to 780-464-8194; there is a nominal fee for this service.

School bus routing: please notify personnel and contractors moving equipment along Strathcona County roads of school bus activities. The following individuals may be contacted for bussing routes and corresponding hours for the roads in use for a particular project. Elk Island Catholic Schools - Rick Grebenstein 780-449-6480 Elk Island Public Schools - Lisa Weder 780-417-8153.

Planning and Development Services

Environmental Planning

This branch is responsible for facilitating compliance with all applicable legislation, policy and regulations in order to ensure a balance between development and conservation of the natural environment. The branch is also responsible for the following policies.

The branch also represents Strathcona County on the Alberta Capital Airshed which is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that monitors and provides public information on air quality, as well as develops recommendations regarding air quality management and monitoring. 

Land Management Services

This branch executes crossing agreements and compensation for Strathcona County lands. Crossing of any County lands, utilities or roads requires a crossing agreement.

Engineer-stamped elevation and cross-section drawings are required for any road crossings. Strathcona County is the sole authority for roads within County borders except certain provincial highways which will be identified.

Refer to section 5.1.7 of our Design and construction standards document (45.8 MB) for general guidelines for pipeline crossing approvals and standards.

Current Planning Services

This branch provides interpretation of the planning bylaw and impact of a proposal on existing or future development. Municipal setbacks can affect future development by the landowner. Energy companies need to inform landowners about these regulations. 

Land Use Bylaw

Transportation Engineering and Operations

Strathcona County is a specialized municipality under Order in Council and as such has control and management of roads, excepting primary highways under provincial control. This department identifies road widening, road construction design and planning and right-of-way management.

General guidelines for wellsite and pipeline construction are as follows:

  • Road Use Agreement (RUA) must be in place prior to the commencement of your program or project. Please ensure the Transportation and Agriculture Services office at 780-417-7100 is provided a minimum of five (5) business days notice to make the appropriate arrangements.
  • Right of Way Construction Activity Permit (ROWCAP) may be required for your project. This will be stated in the letter to the company. 
  • Requests regarding approaches require a Property Access Approach- Application.
  • In 2007, Alberta Agriculture and Food declared Clubroot a pest by the Pest and Nuisance Control Regulation under the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act and released the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan. Clubroot management may be required for your project. Refer to your Strathcona County letter.

Further information

Emergency Services

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and National Energy Board (NEB) have regulations and directives for all licensees/operators to conduct consultations with different groups including municipalities for their proposed projects in all of the phases and are expected to have risk management plans such as comprehensive emergency response plans (ERP) in place.

Strathcona County Emergency Services (SCES) is the point of contact for discussion of risk management and emergency response planning to collaboratively protect people, property and environment.

SCES receives training for oil and gas incidents and practices joint exercises and drills with the local industry for emergency preparedness; however, it is the industrial company that is responsible for immediate and initial response.

SCES have the following general expectations regarding new projects:

  • Industry will consult with SCES at the concept or design stage of the project prior to making application to the AER, NEB, or both (depending on the nature of the project) and later on consult for construction, operation and maintenance of the asset. SCES aims to work collaboratively with the company to understand the project for its location, site risks, risk mitigation strategies and emergency response capabilities.
  • Following AER or NEB approval of the project, Industry will consult with SCES for construction, operation and maintenance planning of the assets, and to prepare the draft ERP content including points of contact and mutual aid expectations
  • Submit the finalized ERP to SCES for comment, preferably in advance of commencement of the operations at the facility.
  • As part of a public consultation program, industry will review their ERPs (in draft or finalized form as appropriate) with the local area residents/businesses to provide them with the assurance that they are prepared and have the public's safety as a priority.
  • Company will have programs in place including education programs to aid in reducing potential risk hazards to address residual risks. There should be a system in place to respond to changes (Management of Change). Site personnel are expected to have necessary understanding of the work, adequately qualified and skilled to perform site activities.

For further guidance, please refer to these documents:

For further information please contact SCES at



This department provides identification of, and proximity to, water and sewer mains and the authority responsible for those lines. Crossing agreements are required if pipelines or access roads are crossing Strathcona County water and/or sewer infrastructure. Refer to county design and construction standards section for crossing utilities.

  • For utility locates, call 780-467-7785.

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