The Strathcona County Protocol for Seismic Surveying, Drilling, Construction and Operation of Oil and Gas Facilities works to ensure that oil and gas exploration and production in the County occurs with the least possible impact on the environment, health, safety and quality of life for residents.

Resources and sample forms

The appendices and sample forms below are intended to provide landowners with basic information and considerations regarding their rights and the procedures associated with oilfield activities.

Appendix 1 - Negotiating Surface Rights Revised November 2008

Appendix 1a - Landowner Consideration Checklist Revised November 2008

Appendix 2 - Seismic Operations and Landowner Rights (108.3 KB) Revised October 2015

Appendix 2a - Permit to Conduct Geophysical Operations Revised February 2013

Appendix 2b - Key considerations for landowners/occupants when agreeing to provide access to a seismic company Revised November 2008

Appendix 3 - List of Independent Laboratories in Edmonton for Water Well Testing Revised November 2008

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