Annual Weed Control Program

Strathcona County carries out an annual program to control weeds in parks and open spaces. The goal is to control noxious weeds, provide safe and healthy turf and protect trees and shrubs.

Control measures include mechanical trimming, removal of weeds by hand and the application of herbicide. 

Safety precautions

All pesticides have been approved by Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency and Alberta Government, and will be applied under the supervision of workers who are provincially licensed.

Timing of treatment

  • Control measures on school grounds will be undertaken when schools are closed.
  • Herbicide application will be used during the day or early morning when the winds are generally light.
  • The times and dates of treatment will depend on weather.

Chemical sensitivity

If you or anyone in your household is sensitive to chemical sprays and you live near a park or boulevard, contact the Turf Development Supervisor at 780-464-8493 to register to be notified of spraying in your area or to establish a no spraying zone.

Treatment Schedule

Below is a schedule that estimates when our field crews and contractors will apply herbicides.  The timeframes specified may change due to weather, degree of infestation, and crew/contractor availability.  Control measures on school grounds will be undertaken when schools are closed.

Weed Herbicides Used Active Ingredients May June July Aug Sep Oct
Noxious Lontrel XC/Milestone, Clearview Clopyralid/
Aminopyralid, Metsulfuron - methyl
  x x   x x
Aquatic Noxious


Diquat ion     x      
Dandelions Trillion, Premium 3-Way, Civitas 2, 4-D, Mecoprop-P, Dicamba x x   x x  

Hard Surfaces/Tree Stumps



x x x x x  


For questions about weed control in parks and urban open spaces, contact:
Turf Development Supervisor

Written inquiries may be sent to:

Attention: Turf Development Supervisor
Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture
47 Broadview Road
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2R4

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