Blue Broom Crew

Program full for 2020

The Blue Broom Crew is full for 2020.

Applications for the next year’s program will be available in May 2021.

Image of a woman sweeping her driveway with a blue broom.

Sweep it! Don't spray it!

Do you sweep or spray? When Strathcona County surveyed residents about water conservation, 48% of respondents admitted to watering their driveway or sidewalk rather than sweeping it off. Washing driveways and sidewalks wastes valuable drinking water and the runoff can impact water quality in our stormwater ponds.

Dirt, litter and chemicals like oil get washed onto the road where the runoff travels to stormwater ponds

It makes a difference

In 2015, Strathcona County partnered with Yellow Fish Road

  • sweeping driveway instead of spraying
  • changing lawn care companies to one that is more sustainable
  • stop fertilizing and using pesticides
  • installing a rain barrel
  • cleaning up after pets
  • using a car wash instead of a hose

Blue Broom Crew is born

Since the 2015 pilot, the program has been updated with more ways to encourage sweeping. Households still sign up for the program but are now given a blue industrial broom and a lawn sign to encourage neighbours to follow in the crew member's positive behaviour. Since 2016, 172 households have joined with several more signing up for next year.

NOTE: To be a Blue Broom Crew member, you must live in Sherwood Park or Ardrossan proper, as only these areas are connected to our stormwater system.

The Blue Broom Crew program is full for 2020.

Applications for next year's program will be available in May 2021.


Phone: 780-467-7785

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