Strathcona Transit and Enforcement Services are working together to provide a safe environment for transit riders, transit staff, and anyone in the community who needs help. 

Safe Bus is comprised of the following initiatives:

Neighbourhood watch 

Strathcona County buses travel through neighbourhoods of Sherwood Park at regular intervals and the Mobility Bus service runs regularly through the rural areas of our County. Our bus drivers are important eyes and ears in the community, and on the street, keeping watch on communities.

Transit operators are actively encouraged to report on any suspicious activities they may come across.Transit operators and inspectors have direct access to 911.

Transit is a safe place to be

Buses and Transit terminals are safe places in our community that can be accessed by people who maybe hurt, lost or in trouble. Individuals who are in trouble and needing assistance do not need to pay a fare to have assistance provided.

Each transit terminal is equipped with help phones that are monitored 24 hours a day to provide assistance to those in need. Help phones are strictly for the use of individuals who require emergent need. At Bethel Transit Terminal, staff are available Monday through Saturday and able to provide assistance to anyone in need. Transit terminals regularly patrolled by inspectors who are trained to act in times of emergency. 

Transit terminals and buses are equipped with video surveillance cameras to record and monitor activity. 

Night Stop Request

Through the Night Stop Request initiative, passengers can make a request to be let off in between stops during the evening hours, starting at 7 p.m. until the end of service 7 days a week. This will allow an added measure of safety for passengers who may have personal security concerns caused by remote stop locations or when travelling late at night.

Night stop request will only be available on local routes, not on commuter service.

To take advantage of Night Stop Request:

  • Please inform the driver a minimum of one bus stop ahead of your regular bus stop. Your request must be made directly to the driver, do not ring the bell. The operator will choose a safe location that will place you close your desired drop-off location.
  • Please remain near the front of the bus until the driver determines a safe location to open the door.  This  may not be the exact location you requested.
  • Please exit by the front door only.  This allows the driver to monitor the safety of the new drop-off location.

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