Roles and Responsibilities

Sherwood Park and Strathcona Minor Hockey Associations will: 

  • Purchase portable boards and bumper pads for novice divisions. 
  • Store boards and pads next to the ice surface at designated arenas. 
  • Decide which teams will use bumper pads and/or boards. 
  • Provide a minimum of two carded individuals for each ½ of the ice, and four individuals to coordinate set up, movement or take down of boards. 
  • Where needed, move cart with the boards from the designated storage area to the arena gate.  NOTE: The cart at Ardrossan Recreation Complex is stored in the Zamboni Room. The Zamboni Room is for authorized personnel only. The arena operator will roll the cart in and out of the room for gate access. 
  • Assemble boards (min. two individuals for each ½ of the ice, total 4). 
  • Disassemble boards (min. two individuals for each ½ of the ice, total 4). 
  • Return cart with the boards to the designated storage area. 
  • Maintain, repair or replace portable boards and bumper pads as needed. 

Recreation, Parks and Culture will: 

  • Communicate portable board assembly/movement/disassembly processes with coaches, managers, parents, ice allocators, and arena operations staff. 
  • Provide storage space for the cart and portable board system adjacent to gates. 
  • Move nets before flooding the ice. 
  • Flood ice a minimum of every two hours (operator’s call based on current ice conditions). 

Half-Ice Boards Set-up and Take-down 

  • Coaches and parents will wear skates and helmets when working with the boards. 
  • Referees are NOT required to assist with moving, assembly and disassembly of boards. 
  • To avoid schedule confusion and delays for other teams, coaches and/or parents arriving late or failing to show up for the set-up, movement or take-down of the boards, will result in reduced ice time for that group and lowered divider curtains (where available) or the use of bumper pads to keep the schedule on track. 
  • Children MUST NOT be on the ice during the assembly, movement and disassembly of the boards. 

Flood Procedure 

  1. Arena operations staff will move nets.
  2. Carded coaches will split the boards into two halves and push the boards into the middle of the ice prior to the start of flooding. 
  3. Arena operators will complete two perimeter passes with the Zamboni. Coaches will then push each half board section against the two perimeter sides of the rink boards. 
  4. Arena operations staff will move the nets again, while coaches will move off the ice until the operator has completed the flooding. 
  5. Once the Zamboni has left the ice, coaches can push the boards back in place and reassemble the boards. 

Half-Ice Rink Divider Instructions

The Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association dividers are for use at the Millennium Place Sprite Arena and Sherwood Park Sports Centre Shell Arena. The Strathcona Minor Hockey Association dividers are for use at Ardrossan Recreation Complex East Arena and Strathcona Olympiette Centre. There is a copy of the instructions next to the Half-Ice Rink Divider Policy sign near the cart storage area at each facility or view the online pdf version below.

Rink Divider Instructions for MP and Shell (1.0 MB)
Rink Divider Instructions for ARC and SOC (1.0 MB)

Millennium Place

Sherwood Park Arena and Sports Centre

Ardrossan Recreation Complex
Strathcona Olympiette Centre

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